Mission Improbable: Tom Cruise Returns To Oprah Winfrey’s Couch


I've got to think at this point that he's got to want to fix the damage he's done to his ...more

Trying to Live in the Here and Now

Thursday--Learning to live in the moment sounds easy enough, but obsessing over the past or what the future might be creeps into our lives. Our hectic lifestyles with schedules so tight even our Blackberries can barely track us keep us perpetually in what I call the “frantic zone.” We almost feel guilty if we slow down. Recently I drove up a hill in a quiet neighborhood and immediately had a driver with one of those luxury sports cars that can’t go under 50 mph practically nudging my back bumper up the hill. ...more

Oprah and Dora - Soul Sisters?

This morning my boys were watching Dora. It was an episode with Diego before he possessed enough staying power to launch his own show. As I tidied the kitchen from the breakfast muddle while Dora courageously trudged through Spooky Swamp and across Crocodile River, I pondered over the power and dominance of Dora in preschool programming. I was struck with her sheer supremacy as the forerunner to the hearts and minds of inquisitive young tots throughout North America. Her influence is immeasurable. She has been copied. She has upped her game when necessary. Kids repeat her catch phrases. ...more

Some of My Favorite Blogs for Women

Oprah Fan Blog (Mine!) Daytime Television Shop Blog (Eco Chic) Female Sex Drive Blog (Like Viagra for Women) Sk*rt (How I found THIS site!) Sexy Golf Clothing (The Tracey Lynn Line!) ...more

Elaine's New Year's Resolutions

www.girlgonechild.com 1. Become a better dresser. Be one of those women (Like Haley) who has her own sense of style and accessorizes. 2. Actually find something I want to buy at a vintage clothing shop. Why am I the only person who can never find anything second hand? Rock the vintage jewelry look, something I’ve never been able to pull off. 3. Successfully cook a homemade meal for husband that does not involve a crock-pot. 4. Find a mom friend who likes to have fun ...more

“I pretty much do whatever Oprah tells me to”

said Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon in 30 Rock, when asked what religion she practices. Seems she’s not alone: Even before Oprah drew throngs in Iowa, the Des Moines Register poll showed Mr. Obama leading Hillary Clinton among women for the first time (31 to 26 percent) in late November ...more

She transcends celebrity. I honestly think she reaches major spiritual leader status for many. I ...more

Gram's Coffin - the Backstory

When Gram was in her early eighties, she took to saying "If I die" quite a lot. I think she was using it for attention, but it cracked me up. Me: "Grammie, when you say that, it sounds like you have all of these options, and haven't quite decided which one you're going to choose." Gram: "Oh." We're an eloquent bunch. ...more

Hillary Clinton draws out big guns in Iowa, her mother and daughter

Facing Oprah and Obama, the O-O! whammy, Hillary Clinton brought her own powerhouses to Iowa yesterday, and I don't mean Bill and his charisma. She greeted crowds with her 88-year-old mother Dorothy Rodham and 27-year-old daughter Chelsea Clinton by her side. Multiple journalists, bloggers, and pundits conclude America's only female presidential candidate hoped to weaken "the Oprah effect", America's most powerful talk-show host and possible king-maker crowning Barack Obama as "the one*." ...more

Noel CD from Josh Groban

Okay, by now everyone knows about the Oprah wish list. This year, she has featured one of my favorite gift of the year - no, not the fridge - the newest CD from Josh Groban "Noel" http://possibilitiesproducts.blogspot.com ...more