Leave George Lopez Alone

Goerge Lopez is a funny guy. Admittedly, he's not my favorite stand-up comedian and I don't even consider his talk-show "appointment television." But I attach a certain "Ski Patrol" nostalgia to him and I appreciate his self-deprecating humor. And when I have watched his show, I do enjoy it. He has a solid writing team, a fun set and a pretty laid-back, non-traditional late-night vibe there....more


President Charlie Sheen announced today that he had appointed Lindsey Lohan as the new U.S. Ambassador to Columbia....more

My decison to become a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

I have a confession to make.  I get really irritated when Oprah says that being a stay at home mom is the toughest, most unappreciated job anyone could ever do.  So irritated in fact, that I stopped watching her show a few years ago because of that. I mean seriously, Oprah!  knock that off. How in the heck would she know?  She has never actually been a stay at home mom and so it seems really disingenuous when she says that kind of stuff.  Why does she feel the need to kiss SAHM butt?  Maybe because many of her viewers are stay at home moms? ...more

My Dear Oprah

While waiting for our local NBC news to come on at 5 pm, I thought I would check in on my dear TV pal-Oprah. It has been years since I caught up with her. Well, my my how her show content has grown up! Get ready for adult humor during primetime. This week Debbie Reynolds and daughter, Carrie Fisher were on Oprah sharing their life stories and Carrie's latest HBO special. Mind you I only watched for 5 minutes, mid-show, before I quickly turned the channel. My five-year-old daughter and six-year-old son were in the room. Look kids, Princess Leia I pointed out to them....more

"Forgiveness" Oprah, Really?!

Did you the Oprah show? Oprah had a compelling interview with three sisters who survived eight years of rape and incest.  ...more
I agree with the other two comments. I am not a rape or incest survivor but I have been ...more

To Vegan or Not To Vegan

http://projectsupermom.blogspot.com/2011/02/to-vegan-or-not-to-vegan.html To build off of my last post, featuring a friend and fellow blogger that completed a 30-day vegan cleanse, I wanted to talk more about the vegan part of the equation.I thought it was super timely that Oprah hosted a show focused on veganism and offered a week-long vegan challenge to her staff. One of her guests was Kathy Freston, known as The Veganist....more

(VIDEO) Big Fat Personal Data Leaks: Privacy and Controlling Your Personal Narrative

"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are." That's one of those sayings we hear repeated and consider wise. You could probably come up with any number of similar quotes that suggest we can discern the nature and character of a person by what they say, do, wear, and even who they marry. Common sense right? But what if the person judging who you are is not looking at you in the real world but the virtual world? ...more

An open letter to Oprah Winfrey

Dear Oprah, At 4 p.m. Monday, having studiously avoided all on-line references to the "big reveal" that you had scheduled, I flipped on the T.V. in my kitchen. My eyes pricked with tears listening to you weave the tale of Patricia.  As you narrated her story, I knew before you ever said it.  I knew Patricia was your sister.  Allow me to congratulate you on the new addition to your family! ...more

As a mother who lost a child to adoption in 1966, I wish to say that Margaret is correct in ...more

Why Do We Shop Where We Do?

Why do we shop where we do, in certain stores no matter what? And why do we go out of our way to avoid shopping in other places, despite convenience? The other day, the Accidental Locavore was in Quattro's the butcher up in the country (they also do the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays)....more

Black Enough For You?

Last week I joined an online community that is an offshoot of a website dedicated to a radio show. This show and its host and co-host are well known and well liked in the black community. I often tune in on the drive home from work and I’m always impressed with the host’s efforts to encourage his audience towards effective networking and entrepreneurial success.  Because I’d been hearing him talk about his online communities for years, I decided to check one out....more