Oprah Says Strength Multiplied Equals Power

My favorite part of the Oprah mag is to read the articles written by Oprah. I just love how she thinks. The following article is from an old issue that I lost and found tonight. Read the rest at http://postpartumillness.com/?q=node/255...more

The People You Meet

Life can be funny. Gifts comes in strange places. Support is all around. Friday afternoon, I tweeted about TGIF, and about my favorite day of the week when I enjoy a nice dinner with my family, a good glass of Cabernet, and 20/20 (my favorite). However, this Friday night didn’t quite turn out the way I had planned. These things always happen to us for some reason. We often have these emergencies, which in the end, turn out to be nothing serious, but scare us just the same....more

Whitney Houston's Come Back. Have You?

Whitney Houston, Mickey Rourke, Jennifer Hudson, Mackenzie Phillips: What comes to mind when you hear these celebrities names? I know the one I hear. It's "comeback." When Jennifer Hudson sang at the Super Bowl at the beginning of this year, the media went wild with Hudson comes back headlines, and they should have. If you had faced what Hudson faced--your mother, brother, and nephew all murdered in the same day--could you have gone before millions less than three months later to sing? ...more

I knew you'd have some provocative thoughts on picking yourself up in spite of what people ...more

Sex As a Deadly Weapon

Victims of Philippe Padieu, a Frisco network security analyst who knowingly infected women with HIV, will speak out today on Oprah....more

Harlequin Gets in the Self-Publishing Game

Vivian Simone strode into Writers' Alley Coffee House as though she owned it plus the bar next door. Heads turned. Neither the men nor the women could stop themselves from watching her. Their eyes traveled from her dark chestnut waves to the soft lines of her collar bone down to her shapely legs and beautiful feet. ...more

I'm one of those people who's told you to quit yer whining and write yer novel. :-) Your ...more

HotMoviesForHer Welcomes Oprah Viewers!

This just in – Oprah loves porn!  Why else would she spend an entire hour-long show dedicated to porn and erotica for women?  Well, I guess it could be the statistic that 1 in 3 porn consumers are women, and that 70% of those women watch it in secret, so maybe Oprah just wanted to put the spotlight on something taboo, but relevant to so many women.  I guess it could have been ratings – I mean, what gets bigger rating than talking about sex?  Nah, I still think it’s because Oprah loves porn.*...more

A Call to Gynecologists: Don't Let Menopausal Women Down

By Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen The following post first appeared on Dr. Allen's Huffington Post blog, as an urgent message to her fellow physicians. -- Ed....more

Interested in learning more? Dr. Lauren Streicher debunked more

The Cover of O Magazine # 1

elizabeth: So we have not lost our minds (you can’t lose what you don’t have), but on Monday I saw Ellen Degeneres on Oprah and she got herself on the cover of O.  And Ellen is blond, very funny and married to the very beautiful Portia De Rossi. I am blond, people say I make them chuckle and my wife has a beard and goes by the name of Walter. Okay he’s not really my wife, but I think Ellen and my life have so many parallels that if Oprah let Ellen be on the cover of O, then why not us?...more

Sapphire's Push: Merciless Honesty

I first became aware of the buzz about Sapphire's debut novel Push in 1995 or 1996. The novel gained attention for its distressing storyline but possibly more because the novelist received a $500,000 advance, a sum unheard of in those days for a first novel. Well, unheard of except that another writer that year had received even more, Jacquelyn Mitchard. ...more

I am currently taking a class called "Politics and the Media," and as part of this class I am ...more

Living An Authentic Life

When deciding what to title today’s Blog post, I changed my mind about six times. “‘Living An Authentic Life’ sounded too Oprah,” I thought. But, truly, it’s what felt best. So, the pardon the title if it feels too familiar. So how do we live an authentic life? How do we live a life just and true? I figure we have a limited number of years on this earth, so we may as well live it as authentically as possible and on our own terms, right?...more