Eat Your Flowers.

 There's a reason I'm not a food blogger. I lack the required domestic genes. I love food. I love beautiful food. But I can't create beautiful food. ...more

I prefer to leave the stress of plate placement to the experts and just enjoy the taste of my ...more

How to Love 'em, Not Leave 'em

Nicky from the award-winning Munich food blog Delicious Days is making a valiant grown-up attempt to overcome a childhood aversion to Brussels sprouts. She writes: "Little miniatures of their larger cabbage brothers, it’s hard to not love these leafy green cuties - but not quite impossible. They were my childhood’s nightmare, an acquired taste coming at costs I wasn’t will to pay. With a great deal of persistence, my cunning mum wanted to coax me into liking them by sauteing them with breadcrumbs - a very legit attempt. Anything involving butter-browned breadcrumbs increases the odds tenfold, but I was a hard nut to crack. Somehow I only have bad memories attached to Brussels sprouts, the brash kitchen smell after cooking them, a nasty pot coaster showing cheesy 70s flowers, the usual and inevitable long discussion (”Pleeease, just try a single ONE!“) at our kitchen table, they never had a real chance to make it on my shortlist." ...more

Excuse me for commenting on this so late; I came here via Alanna's "lemony leaves of love" post. ...more