Oreo Cookie Balls

Who doesn’t love Oreos?  A delicious treat from most everyone’s childhood memory, Oreos are just as good when you are an adult as they are were when you were a kid.  Three or four Oreos with a large glass of cold milk has always been a comforting after school or late night treat but there is another way to eat Oreos that is just as good. This is a great treat to make with the kids because they can roll the balls and help you dip them in the warm and delicious chocolate.  So fun!...more

For the Love of Oreos

Do you have a favorite cookie? In this house, it’s the Oreo. My son loves them. My daughter loves them. And, boy does my husband love them!Why do we love Oreos? Is it their dunkability into a big glass of milk? Is it their perfect blend of chocolate and cream? Or is it something else?… Why, yes, actually. It is something else:...more

Marriage Monday & Homemade Oreo's Recipe

I'm in love with my hubby.It is true.I love to have him home, and I miss him when he is away. I am blessed that he is self employed. This enables him to pick the days, hours, etc. for his schedule. Being a fisherman does mean he has to fish when the weather is good though. Yet he does have some flexibility. I remind myself of this blessing often. ...more

Chocolate Makes Everything Better!

Interesting week this has been! On Monday, my husband left on a trip to Washington, DC so I have been by myself making chocolate covered Oreos! A freaky thing happened on Monday though. I had not taken a break all day so by 10pm, I was hungry. I opened a bag of salt & vinegar chips, put a few in a bowl and crawled into bed to watch tv. About three chips down and I noticed my tongue tingling and my cheek feeling kind of numb. I kept eating them and the symptoms worsened to the point that the whole left side of my face was swollen and my lip looked like I had been punched!...more

Unicorn Birthdays Come But Once A Year

Hannah! LOVE this post. So full of information, fun and whimsy. Set me straight on the Hydrox vs ...more


Ah… Valentines Day.  It’s here again.Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.  Even though this year I don’t have anyone to shower with retchworthy affections, Valentine’s Day is still a decent excuse for me to bake up some wink-wink worthy treats for my fellow single ladies of a certain age friends....more
Oh! I tried I different recipe last week and it was a fail! But this looks delicious! I might ...more

~OREO Snowballs!

~OREO Snowballs! ...more
And oh, you still can make healthy very yummy alternatives of those goodies that they produced.more