When Organ Donation Becomes A Sticky Note

We've been hearing in the news Sara's story and to the least it's heartbreaking.  I understand her parents for exposing their child to the media if that's what it's going to take to get what she needs. I myself wrote her name quickly on a sticky note so I could include her name in my prayer group, and I'm more than sure others did to.  Having to wait for a transplant isn't easy, now you'll probably think, easier said than done!  But I do have some experience in that matter (we waited for two and a half years for a liver)....more

Joyful! Joyful!

Tomorrow is such a special day, if I would have had a time machine that would have showed me eighteen years along the road I would have jumped to the moon and beyond full of just sheer joy!We've had our ups and downs, some days have been full of tears others full of laughter, we have moaned with those who have passed waiting and we have rejoiced with those who have been as blessed as we have, in other words, we have lived!  But, most important of all, Carlos has been able to live by my side after all these years. ...more

In The Event of Something Happening To Me....

April is organ donation awareness month, and  as a true believer in organ donation, I can't pass out on the opportunity of blogging about it. I'm not going into the facts about organ donation and how you can register to become a donor because that information is just a click away....more

Have a Spare Kidney To Share?

  I'd like you to meet my friend Maura. She's a Cleveland-area native and lead singer of the band Maura Rogers and the Rusty Souls. Maura is amazing. She is this slight, petite woman with a powerhouse voice. She is full of life and energy. Love follows her wherever she goes: Love from her friends and family, the love she radiates herself....more

The Gift of Life (Updated)

Our nineteen-year-old daughter, through no fault of her own, has gone through a very difficult four years. Last week she received the following email from my brother who yesterday celebrated the 21st anniversary of his liver transplant....more
Than you - she's an incredible young woman who has always lived her life with grace and ...more

The other half of Just Jules shares his transplant experience

Julie from Just Jules ...more

Donate Life

I just wrote our family Christmas letter. This year has been a amazing year for our family. Someone donated a kidney and pancreas to my husband. The last few years have been so hard for our family and we have struggled with Chronic illness,kidney disease and dialysis.What a incredible feeling to write a joyful, happy Christmas letter this year. The last few years my blog has been a rather depressing place chroniciling the wait, sickness and struggle. It has been so much fun to write happy things this year....more

Donate Life

My sister is a registered nurse.  She got a job at an organization called One Legacy about 2 or 3 years ago.  All I knew for a while was that she helped somewhere in the process of getting organs from patients who were declared brain dead, to patients that were waiting in desperate need.  She deals with the "getting" end of the business instead than the "giving" side, so you can imagine she has some really uplifting stories for the Thanksgiving table.  Not......more

Screw Valentine's Day... Happy Donor National Day!

Original post at: http://myunstilllife.blogspot.com/2011/02/...more