Organ Donation Part 2: Talk to your family!

After reading the comments on the post I shared yesterday (World Organ Donation Day: Are you registered as an organ donor? ...more

World Organ Donation Day: Are you registered as an organ donor? Are you SURE?

This past week, in recognition of World Organ Donation Day, my friends at Write Tribe held a blog carnival where bloggers were encouraged to write and share their own posts related to organ donation. ...more

Thirty-three years and two kidney transplants later ...

Ellen Munson got her first donated kidney in 1986. Her own kidneys had been destroyed, presumably by a serious infection called polynephritis, and she had been on dialysis for five years. Every day, Ellen was grateful to the family who had lost a beloved child and chose to donate her kidney to a stranger. She had hoped the transplant would last forever, but knew it would not....more

Checking the Organ Donor Box

It seems like a no-brainer. Check the box, save a life. So I checked it. My kids checked it. Their dad checked it. We never discussed it. It was just the right thing to do....more

Ethical Dilemma: How Far To Take a Medical Proxy

You have a cousin who has no next of kin except for you. Because of that, he has recently made you his health care proxy "just in case." Before getting all the documents signed and notarized, including a living will, you went out for lunch. It gave you both a chance to discuss the decisions he would like made by you should he ever be unable to make them for himself. ...more

A will, a medical proxy, power of attorny -- all are critical documents to have in place. I ...more

I'm praying for you Dana. I Can't Imagine What you're Going Through...

Those were the words that came from my Aunt Nancy in an e-mail. I think I heard an audible laugh come from myself when I read those words.. They were written in a response to an update on Chloe's heart condition. What I thought but didn't write back, was that she was the precise person that came to my mind when I thought of the one person I knew that probably did understand what I was going through. And, that my greatest fear was that I would be her, living the life that she has ...more