Grand Opening February 8th!

Ten years of research….three years of planning……and months of details we never anticipated!  BUT WE DID IT! Please celebrate with us by visiting our website at All bloggers receive 20% off the retail purchase of any shampoo and conditioner pair through 3/31!  Sign up for our monthly newsletter while you’re there!  We look forward to hearing from you!...more

What Does "Natural" Mean?

Consumers are spending more than $600 million dollars annually on hair and skin care products marketed as “natural.”  This trend will likely continue as researchers discover indisputable links between the ingredients used in personal care products and a wide range of health issues.  ...more

What Would the Neighbors Think?

There is no way I could share all the "happenings" since I got the news. Actually they began months before; August to be exact. But, back to the Now. ...more

This Blog and I Are Under Construction-Stay Tuned :-)

On December 1, 2009 I had an endometrial biopsy. On December 9 I got the call: "It's cancer; stage II" followed just minutes later with, "Oh, yes! The organ must come out! And maybe the ovaries." NOT! :-) Cancer is no longer the "Big C" or a "dirty little secret." Not only have I been guided since that phone call to not travel this journey to healing that way, but I also believe, deep in my heart, that it is nothing but a Divine Opportunity. ...more

Add a Little Do-Goodness to Your Valentine's Day

On Sunday, February 14th, thousands of people will exchange cards, go out to dinner, eat chocolates, buy flowers, and give gifts for Valentine's Day. If you're celebrating, why not add a little do-goodness to your Valentine's Day?Cards...more

I love the eco focus on this...way to go!

One Friday night, more

Have An Organic Valentine's Day!

What do you do if you are a romantic and want to celebrate Valentine's Day with your special someone?  You don't want to betray your heart-felt feelings of social and environmental sustainability, yet you want to show your heart-felt feelings of personal affection.... ...more

For next years´ Valentine´s Day!

Cadbury Dairy Milk is now Fair Trade Certified in Canada ...more

Food Revolution

Jen @ ...more

Jen @

I really have ...more

Visiting an Organic Turkey Farm

Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, the most meat-focused holiday in modern history. ("Happy Turkey Day!") In anticipation of this annual feast of gratitude, a friend and I visited the closest organic turkey farm we could find: Tedach Ranch, just 30 miles east of Denver in Bennett, Colorado. Gobble, gobble - it was an eye opener. ...more

I'm thinking that a lot of folks would buy free range if they knew more about it and what is ...more

Say No to Fake Plastic Wishbones & Other Thanksgiving Waste

Fake plastic wishbones? Around Thanksgiving time last year, I read a post by blogger Rejin from Urban Botany blasting People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for promoting plastic Lucky Break Wishbones. She wrote: Hasn't PETA ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? They claim these wishbones and their packages are recyclable, but let's face it: 99.99% of them are going to end up in a landfill, or in the ocean, where they will probably be swallowed by sea turtles [And I would add baby albatross chicks] who will choke and die.... Animals, PETA, animals! Do you hear me? Apparently PETA did not because the organization promoted the wishbones again this year. Products like these are what blogger Linda Anderson from Citizen Green would call "stupid plastic crap." ...more

My husband son and haven't eaten meat in a while but we decided to buy free range turkeys for ...more

You Can Not Buy Your Way Into Being Green

My article was approved by the editor to be placed on Socyberty on the rise of the false environmentalist. People and business's who purchase carbon offset to try to reduce the amount of their own carbons, without working on a solution to reduce their own output. Buying their way in. Most environmental forums or sites really do not bond with these sorts of individuals or business’s. They figure by contributing a certain amount monthly or yearly to an environmental organization such as planting trees, or creating wind power, that they are doing enough of a contribution. ...more

This is the kind of action we are taking on the other side of the world to get governments ...more