How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Clothes - Part 2: Try TENCEL or Lyocell

If we were to separate clothing into categories, somewhere in between natural fibers like cotton or hemp and man-made petroleum fibers like polyester, we'd find ...more

We create our entire collection using a hemp/Tencel blend here at Sympatico ...more

How to Shop for Eco-Friendly Clothes - Part 1: Read the Label

If we want our apparel to be "eco," most of us start by buying vintage or second-hand, swapping with friends or family, or dragging out the sewing machine to pul...more

Diane MacEachern


Thanks for letting ...more

Operation Difficult Gifting: Finding Stylish, Organic Gifts For A Friend's Newborn

'Tis the season ... for shopping headaches and annoyances.  Yes, folks, the holiday gifting season is upon us. I love my family, I do.  But finding gifts for my "no drinking, no dancing" born-again in laws?  Impossible for this wine-imbibing city girl.  Tracking down the right baby gift for my friend's new daughter?  The only time I ever look at baby items is when I'm trying to figure out if my cats will fit into infant clothes (don't judge me, I work from home - the hours get boring).  ...more

Can Clothing Be Green & Fashion-Forward Too?

Meet my new favorite top. Ever since my lunch with Tim Gunn at BlogHer '09 this summer (yeah, I won that contest), I've been trying to upgrade my image. Tim suggested I stay away from pastels, wear V-necks (which this top, unfortunately is not), and show off my "perfect hourglass figure." Oh, yes he did. And shortly after that lunch, Green LA Girl Siel Ju advised me to stop dressing in such baggy clothing. Maybe not in those exact words. Fine. But my new style has got to be not only flattering but green, and I'm not talking about dye. So, what makes clothing "green"? ...more