Organic Food and Its Health Benefits

Organic food is more about perceptive health benefits. It is a healthier alternative because it does not use pesticides or any type of chemicals that harm our body or its surrounding environment. Such food items are Genetically Modified Organisms free as GM food depicts a genetic mutation gone wrong when genes from a certain type of species are inserted into another. This goes against nature as plant genes are spliced into animals and vice-versa.Say No to Pesticides and Fertilizers...more

My Guilt-Ridden Love Affair with Fresh Direct

I just got a whole organic chicken for $1.99 a pound and didn’t have to lug it home four blocks from Whole Foods. I have organic, local Honeycrisp apples and I didn’t even have to hike to the CSA pick up. I’ve fallen in love with Fresh Direct, the NY-based grocery delivery service that just launched in Philadelphia. I’m saving time, not spending much more money, and getting to browse the market of my dreams from my iPhone. ...more
You could also spend the time you save contacting Fresh Direct to ask them to do what they can ...more