Does Organic Food Make You Act Like A Jerk?

What researchers found was that after viewing organic food pictures, people rated moral transgressions as being worse than people who saw the normal or comfort foods rated them. Those seeing organic also said they could volunteer significantly less time to help out. The results persisted no matter what the subjects thought of the desirability of the food. Seeing the organic food made people less nice, not nicer. ...more
Hi, I´m looking for info about organic food but more like "technical", any reccomendation? I´m ...more

A Conversation with Filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia

As consumer awareness grows and health concerns deepen over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food, agriculture documentaries are being released by the bushel. But eight years ago, filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia (also the widow of Jerry Garcia) first made waves with her startling 2004 documentary, The Future of Food. BlogHer GREEN decided to check in with DKG and see how she views the current food movement and if she sees a new "future" in the food revolution. ...more

Ballpark Organics

Health food stores have been around for a long time, at least for fifty years that I can remember. Consumer demand has steady empowered the health food and supplement industry to spiral upward. When I was a teenager in the 1960s, health food stores consisted of mainly vitamin shops. Now health food stores are full service department food stores with rows of organic products, meats and seafood in addition to their vitamin selections....more
I think the hot dogs look good, Robin! I'd be curious to try an uncured hot dog. I've had ...more

The Co-op Stargate

First in a series of three.Nothing is more energizing than visiting than a college campus.The hustle bustle of young minds jump starting their neurons into life long learning with so many new experiences is exhilarating. To see so many hopeful faces without the years and mileage of later life means the cycle must be continuing. New dreams are following heartfelt intentions.What a beautiful sight it is to see young people resolute in their innocence and besides.......why should I be the one to tell them?...more
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Farm Friday - How Far?

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home How far should I take this farming thing?Till recently, all our animals were pretty much pets....more

Raw Milk Freedom Rides Again!

Raw Milk Freedom Riders–CHICAGO Thank you all for coming out to the event, about 200 people attended! Our next Freedom Rider announcement for a late January Ride is forthcoming!Read below for a synopsis of the Dec 8th event:...more
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Handling CSA Stress

"Is it almost over?"The weary words of my partner, asking plaintively when the CSA madness will end. "Just five and half more weeks," I say, "and then we can go out to a restaurant once again, like normal people."...more
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Are You Wasting Money? Four Myths About Organic Food

People believe a lot of things that we have little to no evidence for, like that vikings wore horned helmets or that you can see the Great Wall of China from space. Christie Wilcox, a blogger at Scientific American, loves to bust these myths. In this piece, she takes on conventionally believed untruths about organic food. ...more
You had me interested until you started praising GMO's. Eff that noise! I am the only proof I ...more

Time Destroyed my Thyme: Failures of a Suburban Organic Gardner

I was Queen of the garden, guardian of nature, supreme ruler of the land. These photos showcase delectable memories...  ...of last year's amazing garden.   An army of multi-colored sunflowers stood guard against my garden fence, their bright and showy blooms following their namesake across the sky each day. Plump, warm tomatoes hung from sprawling branches no cage could contain and mingled with sweet basil and savory green onions.  Oregano and thyme trailed over the garden wall, perfuming the air each time we brushed past.  I scavenged through cookbooks and websites in search of new recipes to utilize the bountiful harvest.  Graceful flowers mixed with aromatic greenery covered tabletops and counters. The essence of summer permeated our home. ...more