What's Intended By Organic And Natural Meals

When your college-age daughter explains anyone that your market food products tend to be "dead" and also you might be basically supporting government-subsidized monoculture harvesting methods, what do you do? Will be the choice "100 % natural along with organically grown meals"...yet simply what does this mean, as well as what would you'll get if you happen to become the idea?Once does an improvement issue?...more

Good Food Now: Join the Big Fight for Better Eats

Of course, when you focus on tackling those bigger problems -- childhood obesity, say -- they can seem so vast that you get discouraged from ever getting involved in finding solutions. Still, changing what you eat in your own home is a relatively simple task that clearly has much bigger environmental and health consequences. If you've made personal changes -- whether it's to eat more fresh veggies, to seek out more local produce, or to opt for organic products whenever possible -- you're already part of the solution. ...more

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Organic Baby Food Review

A few weeks ago I received a package  of a new product, Baby Gourmet. Generally I like to make my own baby food, so I went into the review intending to be pretty hard on this product....more

Organic. Is it really and what does that mean?

Organic. Natural. Made with whole ingredients. What does this all mean.  I'm quite obsessed with trying to understand all the labeling of our food and whether or not what I'm eating is truly organic and free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.  I believe what we are eating and the problems with the food supply is giving rise to childhood disease.  ...more

Organic Produce and Why It Matters (or, My Letter to the Manager at Giant Eagle)

What follows is a letter I wrote tonight to the manager of my local grocery store.  I was really irritated by a response I got from his produce manager last week when I asked about organic grapes.  Instead of just ranting about it and letting it go (otherwise known as complaining, which no one needs) I took a step towards solving my problem by communicating my dissatisfaction to him.  Cross your fingers!  I'll let you know if I get a response.  (*Personal names and location have been changed.) *...more

for taking the time to read. Isn't it scary to think about the things we expose our kids to, ...more

Farmer’s Markets: How to Save Money Next Time You Go

Given all the emphasis on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture, farmers' markets are a great way for the everyday consumer to develop a deeper connection to their food and food providers. In large cities, farmers' markets not only sell fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs, they also include food stands filled with homemade snacks, desserts, and cosmetic products. ...more

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Is it Possible to Live GMO Free?

By Melinda ...more

Food Revolution: Trader Joes

Jen @ www.afterthealter.com   Food Revolution: Trader Joe's ...more