Shingleman is now Compostman

If you remember in a previous post, the former Shingleman, Jim, now known as Compostman, has gotten into organic gardening. I, for one, am shocked at the degree that plants are coming up in the grow station where he planted them. Perhaps it is the compost,I don’t know. We have tomato plants, pepper plants, peas, beans, kale and other things planted there....more

Composting 101

* This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a percentage of any purchases made.Whether you're just looking for a place to throw your lawn trimmings or you want to do a full re-vamp of what you're putting in the landfill what you need to do is start your own compost pile....more

GMOs and Your Garden

It's that time of year when us gardeners are "busy" daydreaming. We're dreaming of that first sunny day in the 40s when we can get some fresh air and do some late winter pruning. It's also the time to start planning layouts and ordering seeds for our vegetable gardens....more

A GMO-Free Garden: Is It Possible?

Years ago, I got into perennial gardening with my tiny backyard. It was fun and rewarding, but after a few seasons under my belt, I started dreaming about bigger things like using my love of gardening to grow food. I started learning to grow my own vegetables when I moved to the suburbs and had more space. Besides being fun, it's the best path to food security and a crucial link in understanding the origins of what ends up on our plates....more

Saving Season-to-Season with Organic Gardening

If ever you stop by our house during the growing season and don’t find us milling around the pig meadow or the chicken coop, be sure to look in the garden. That’s where we can usually be found, particularly in the evening....more
Love this. I'm listening to Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" in the car and ...more

Tomato Hornworm

Over the long holiday weekend after the rain died down, my husband, David, and I found time to work on our much neglected garden. We had let the weeds run rampant and they had completely taken over. We have an organic garden, choosing not to use synthetic products like pesticides on our plants, so we figured we may have to deal with invaders at some point. ...more

A Cautionary Tale of Seed Potatoes.

During the bleak winter months, when the world is cold and gloomy and you're inundated with gardening catalogs, it's a natural survival instinct to start ordering items for your garden. That happy garden, the one that will bring you hours of bliss and bushels of produce. ...more

I'm Getting My Veggie Garden Going

Quince TreeI've been busy getting the garden started!...more
Kraken, this is very inspiring. I kept thinking of my garden since your last post. I want to ...more