Pass on This: Michael Todd True Organics KNU Anti-aging Face Lift

After reading a good review of two Michael Todd True Organics products, I jumped at the chance via Living Social to buy Michael Todd True Organics KNU Anti-aging Face Lift for $27 delivered instead of the usual $150. However, deep discounts like that always make me wonder what the "real" price is....more
EstheticGoddess Since posting the full review on my blog, I have heard from a couple of women ...more

Authentic Skin Remedies: Natural and Organic Skincare

I am often concerned about some of the ingredients in skincare (and makeup) products, so I was very happy to have an opportunity to try facial skincare samples from Authentic Skin Remedies, a California-based company started by a young mother who developed a rare form of cancer at age 35. Five years later, she's doing well, and her natural and organic skincare business is growing....more

Organic Skincare: Is There A Game Changer on the Horizon?

I’ve devoted a previous post to the issue of organic, natural, and green skincare  in which I highlighted the fact that the terms “organic”, “natural”, and “green” on skincare labels are unregulated by any government agency so if you want to buy such products the issue re...more

The Organic, Green, Natural Fallacy in Skincare Products

Nowadays a lot of people think that “natural” or “green” or “organic” skincare products are better for them than “regular” skincare.  But these terms are pretty meaningless.  “Natural” and “green” are label terms that are not regulated by any government or non-government body.  The only label term that has any real meaning is “organic”....more