Organic Microdermabrasion

 Organic Microdermabrasiion has to be one of my all time favourite treatments....more

My Love Affair With Mexican Food - Lentil Tacos with Homemade Salsa

This is pretty much everything you'll need. Well... you don't need the wine....more

I love organic food

I just bought organic apple...more

Organics & Mommy-Hood

I fed Liam Gerber yesterday. I had no choice. It was the only baby food we could afford at the moment and now I feel guilty. He has eaten sweet potatoes plentiful of times, but this time his poop was BRIGHT orange, which has NEVER happened until I fed him non-organic jar food....more
When we're super tight on money, I would skip the jar baby food and get fresh or frozen. That ...more

Fairtrade wine in Canada

One day I was standing in the kitchen at work, staring off into space vacantly, as is my proclivity, when a co-worker asked me to tell her a story about Fairtrade wine. I had nothing. I searched the dusty recesses of my brain for what I may have learned at sommelier school and still, I had nothing. Organic and biodynamic wines, yes, something distant was registering there. Local wine, yes-yes, I can string together a few sentences about that, but Fairtrade wine? Nope. Nothing....more

Orgo A Go Go?: Buying Organic for Kids?

Organic grapes, yes.  Organic pasta, no.  Organic bananas.  Maybe?  Should you bother buying organic food for your child?  Do we have evidence kids who eat organic have less pesky chemicals in their little bodies? Yes.  Do we know if these substances will prove dangerous to them?  No, not yet.  What do we know about eating organic?  ...more

Alan Greene is... the Organic Man

I'll just apologize right now for getting the theme to "The Bionic Man" stuck in your head, but it was for a good reason. A recent article in the New York Times by Tara Parker-Pope tells us about one man's quest to render himself 100% organic: For the last three years, Dr. Greene has eaten nothing but organic foods, whether he’s cooking at home, dining out or snacking on the road. ...more

Eco Question of the Month


Eco Question of the Month


Weekly Earthlinks

Cross posted from Down To Earth, my digest links of interest for the week. We're starting a new feature this week: a digest of links I and my partners-in-blogging-crime have come across recently. Many of which we'd love to have featured full-length analyses, but the rest of life intervened. Some are great resources and some are merely intersting. ...more