Organizing's a B*tch... Until It's Done

Organizing is hard. And not just because it takes physical & mental energy, determination, and stamina. It's also hard because there are so many layers. You can't just go into a room and tackle it right then and there. You have to clean, discard, sort, relocate, and improve. As much as I wish I could tackle room after room in one epic sweep, it's just not possible....more

I am now a List Maker

My husband is super type A. He researches topics and makes lists constantly. If he says he wants to buy something big, it means a 6 month research project is about to happen. In a way, it is nice because we are usually well informed and get great deals. It can also be annoying because when I want something I want it now. During his research he makes pro/con lists, list on brands, lists on needs/wants, lists about everything....more
Heh. We love lists here. You'll fit right in. ;-)more

craft paper punch storage

i combed the interwebs for some sort of a paper punch storage and i came up empty. i found nothing i was very fond of. nothing i was willing to do. i did not want my craft punches out in the open on a shelf or something. i wanted them put away, but very accessible and usable. i moved a few things around in my little IKEA (helmer) drawer carts (mainly i got rid of junk and consolidated a few drawers) and came up with four empty drawers....more

tuesday tutorial {file folders}

tidying up my desk meant i needed a place for the mountains of paperwork that inundate our home on a daily basis. from bills and invitations to school work and school forms needing action....more

Organize your photos - 5 tips to save you from disorganization!

Photos are a great way to document events, families and lives. But if you can't access or even find the photos, then having all of those photos do you no good! Check out these tips for organizing photos and even some helpful scrapbooking tips at the end!...more

Kitchen Clarity

There’s something joyful about a transparent kitchen. I swapped my opaque containers out for clear ones. I love mason jars because of the ability to see what’s in them. I like to know what I’m eating, drinking and storing. I love being able to see it. I also like these jars because they represent something old and sturdy, like a truth rediscovered anew, such as the idea that fat really isn’t terrible to consume (it’s processed food that is making you sluggish, fat, and sick!) and how bone broth is such a health-giving tradition and locally grown food is the best....more

Staycation Ideas - how to make a great one!

Hubby and I recently took a "staycation!" For the 4th of July holiday weekend, Hubby got off a couple days of work and we decided to spend some quality time together. Baby will be here in about a month so we wanted to have one "last hurrah" and some alone time before that big baby day came. Instead of spending lots of money to get a hotel and all that goes with going away for a few days, we decided to have a staycation. This staycation was much less stressful for us and a money saver! But staycations do require a few things!...more

how to synchronize your family's calendar

synchronizing our schedules and putting everything, and i mean everything, on my calendar keeps me from pulling out my hair. it makes me look like i'm on top of everything ;)...more

working from home moms

take advantage of this tricky position you are in...yes tricky because the laundry is calling you when you're trying to work and work is calling you when you're folding laundry. its a disciplined practice.but i say take advantage!design your own schedule!yes! you can design your schedule!...more