Children's Closet Organization

  Have a closet with so much stuff and don't know what to do?...more

The Quirky Space Bar Desk Organizer, for Your Crowded Desk

 A clean desk can be very hard to achieve.  Keyboard, mouse, those things that plug into the USB ports and a monitor all take up space.  The Quirky Space Bar Desk Organizer may be just the thing you are looking for to help save space and look sweet at the same time....more

4 Ways To Get Your Work Space Organized

I don’t know about you but my work space can get pretty messy! I usually have a pacifier, an old coffee mug, business cards everywhere, and a sippy cup or two surrounding my computer where I work.  How can I get work done if my space is a disaster? I am not the most organized person, but if there is a lot of clutter around me I can’t seem to focus to get my work done. Does anyone feel my pain??...more

Cordies Desktop Cable Management – Untangle Your Desk!

When it comes to the office, we believe that a clean desk is a happy desk.  So when we found the Cordies desktop cable management gadget, we knew to scoop them up.  And we are incredibly happy that we did!...more
Oops! I don't know why...sigh...Couldn't put your post in my newspaper. For some reason the ...more

Kitchen Think: Collect, Organize and Share Those Recipes!

Where are all those online recipes you've printed and are dying to try?1. Stacked by the computer?2. Serving as a coaster?3. Folded into a book somewhere?Here’s a way you can find those recipes when you (finally) have time to try them....more