Organized, <i>Schmorganized</i>

As I sit here today, printing out pages and pages of blog organizational ideas, I have to laugh at the fact that even though I mean well, I won't use any of them.  I am the world's best organized mom wannabe.  If you looked at all of the binders, organizers...more

Organize Yourself To Get Holiday Cards Out On Time!organize-yourself-to-get-holiday-cards-o/c101uHome Lace...more

The Purge

No, I’m not referring to the horror movie – this is about something far more awful and frightening. Every so often, my neat-freak boyfriend designates a “Cleaning Day,” an entire 24 hours devoted to tidying up around the apartment and getting rid of anything we haven’t used in a while. As a shopaholic and natural hoarder (seriously, it runs in my family), I can’t help but get a little panicky when I’m asked to throw things away....more

Cleaning House

You know how you have that random "junk drawer" where menus, chopsticks, rubber bands and dead batteries go to die? I have that, too. Only in my house, it's a whole room. It's not surprising, there are three adults in a space just under 1000 square feet, and we all have "stuff and things", you know? And with all the travelling Greg and I have done over the last 6 years, it's become a bad habit to just throw suitcases and random items into the already full room and just close the door. I mean, it's not like we've ever been home long enough to really deal with it....more
04Ling You're absolutely right - great tips. I love the thought of repurposing or painting some ...more

DIY Meal Planning Board

I love to cook. Really. I love picking out fresh ingredients, chopping and preparing them, making my house smell warm and savory. I love all that....more

This Big Blue Binder Will NOT Get Tossed

How A Binder of Recipes Can Change Your Perspective ...more
I can so relate.  I got a recipe box and recipes at my wedding shower.  One of the kids broke ...more

Back-to-school organization tips

I ran across this article from The Woodlands LearningRx about back-to-school organizing tips. were some good tips in here. Although I already do some of these with my kids, I really liked the one about "Create an Inbox/Outbox for school notices and papers tha need to be reviewed." My kids are always tossing stuff on my desk or the kitchen counter or worse- leaving them in the car where they fall under the seat!...more

How to Fake a Clean House

My husband is notorious for springing people on me the last minute. Like, "Hey babe, Joe Schmo is coming over in 20 minutes." My first reaction is to freak out. Which I do. And then probably mumble a few certain words. And then I look around my house. And yeah. Twenty minutes? No way. I wish I could say that my house is immaculate all the time. But truth is, it is only immaculate like one day out of the year ... maybe. ...more
Love your house, thx for the tips !!!more

Organizing Without Organization Supplies

The cost to be organized can add up quickly, especially if you're like us- we love those clear, plastic bins!Slowly but surely, we're replacing soggy, cardboard boxes with more durable containers- but what do we do until then?Here are a few ways we keep organized while we wait to buy better organization supplies:CLOTHING-...more

8 Weeks to a Happier Home

Everything has been driving me crazy lately.  I’m frustrated with nearly every aspect of life and it’s made me a little less than eager to do things, anything really.  There is so much I COULD be doing, but instead I focus on just getting by: Are the kids fed?  Are the kids clean?  Am I fed?  Am I clean?  Is hubby fed?  Is everyone where they need to be when they need to be?  Is Honeybun’s schoolwork done?  Will child protective services deem my home “clean enough”?  And in that order…...more