Making Room for Mess

This is what my dining room table has looked like the past three days. See the basket? It was stuffed with pictures, awards, drawings and the like. You are witnessing the beginning of my latest project. Turning pictures into treasures....more

How to hang 4 to 6 skirts on 1 hanger

Organize and save lots of space in your closet using space saving hangers.   ...more

When you feel like you're drowning in clutter

Do you feel you'll never be organized ? You're working for your "stuff." Your day getting out of control, or worse running you ? It's not a very good feeling. Being overwhelmed with clutter is something that I know very well. I was one of those Mom's... You know the ones, you have too much stuff, not enough room, no idea where to start and needed a week to plan ahead for a simple play date. {And, just to be clear when I say you I mean ME}. ...more

Getting Organized in 2015: Weeks 9-11 - Addresses/Contacts, Mail, and Paying Bills

In an effort to be better organized this year, I am taking the 52 week challenge, offered by another blogger (Home Storage Solutions 101). We've been following along for 11 weeks now and it's been eye opening and absolutely amazing to get this place in shape for the new year....more

5 Questions to help you with the dreaded Closet Purge

Last time, in part one of this series, we talked about how to make the shopping process more efficient by asking yourself 5 questions in order to not end up with items we will not be wearing.  ...more

5 Ways to Stylishly Organize Your Jewelry

One day, I looked at my hodgepodge of jewelry and decided to do something about it -- it was getting out of hand and getting on my nerves. I started thinking, "How can I organize my jewelry in a cool and stylish way? How can I get it to look like a page out of those decor magazines?"...more
This reminds me that I really need to go through my jewelry and weed out what I do not wear ...more

6 Things I Love About Moving

  I am moving next week, which is, incidentally, also my sorry-I’ve-been-posting-less-frequently excuse. ...more

The Cheapest Way to Organize a Stylish Pantry

Our pantry is finally in order—and I have to say, I love how cheap it was almost as much as I love the final look. Whatever you do, do not spend $500 on food storage containers … because I found three much cheaper (and very stylish) options. ...more
Great work here! Creative, stylish, and clean.more

When Your Old Wardrobe Doesn't Fit Your New Body

My babies just turned 17 months old this past week.  That means that it took me 17 months to be able to face the body image demons and tackle the issue of my ill-fitting mishmosh of a wardrobe....more