5 Questions to help you with the dreaded Closet Purge

Last time, in part one of this series, we talked about how to make the shopping process more efficient by asking yourself 5 questions in order to not end up with items we will not be wearing.  ...more

5 Ways to Stylishly Organize Your Jewelry

One day, I looked at my hodgepodge of jewelry and decided to do something about it -- it was getting out of hand and getting on my nerves. I started thinking, "How can I organize my jewelry in a cool and stylish way? How can I get it to look like a page out of those decor magazines?"...more
This reminds me that I really need to go through my jewelry and weed out what I do not wear ...more

6 Things I Love About Moving

  I am moving next week, which is, incidentally, also my sorry-I’ve-been-posting-less-frequently excuse. ...more

The Cheapest Way to Organize a Stylish Pantry

Our pantry is finally in order—and I have to say, I love how cheap it was almost as much as I love the final look. Whatever you do, do not spend $500 on food storage containers … because I found three much cheaper (and very stylish) options. ...more
Great work here! Creative, stylish, and clean.more

When Your Old Wardrobe Doesn't Fit Your New Body

My babies just turned 17 months old this past week.  That means that it took me 17 months to be able to face the body image demons and tackle the issue of my ill-fitting mishmosh of a wardrobe....more

Organized, <i>Schmorganized</i>

As I sit here today, printing out pages and pages of blog organizational ideas, I have to laugh at the fact that even though I mean well, I won't use any of them.  I am the world's best organized mom wannabe.  If you looked at all of the binders, organizers...more

Organize Yourself To Get Holiday Cards Out On Time

 http://www.homelace.com/#!organize-yourself-to-get-holiday-cards-o/c101uHome Lace...more

The Purge

No, I’m not referring to the horror movie – this is about something far more awful and frightening. Every so often, my neat-freak boyfriend designates a “Cleaning Day,” an entire 24 hours devoted to tidying up around the apartment and getting rid of anything we haven’t used in a while. As a shopaholic and natural hoarder (seriously, it runs in my family), I can’t help but get a little panicky when I’m asked to throw things away....more

Cleaning House

You know how you have that random "junk drawer" where menus, chopsticks, rubber bands and dead batteries go to die? I have that, too. Only in my house, it's a whole room. It's not surprising, there are three adults in a space just under 1000 square feet, and we all have "stuff and things", you know? And with all the travelling Greg and I have done over the last 6 years, it's become a bad habit to just throw suitcases and random items into the already full room and just close the door. I mean, it's not like we've ever been home long enough to really deal with it....more
04Ling You're absolutely right - great tips. I love the thought of repurposing or painting some ...more

DIY Meal Planning Board

I love to cook. Really. I love picking out fresh ingredients, chopping and preparing them, making my house smell warm and savory. I love all that....more