How to Organize a Business with 7 Simple Methods

If you are a business owner or want to become one, you need to be productive and organized. But how to organize a business when there is so much to focus on? Where should you start and how to plan it right? ...more

Areas of Secret Shame

We moved into our home  in 2006. It was our first home and a new build, so we were the first owners. We felt so blessed to have a home after more than a decade of moving from apartment to apartment every year. It was gloriously empty....more
TheHerbLady Thank you! I agree, working in small chunks and sections is key!more

Pottery Barn Knockoff | Chalkboard Labels

Hey y’all!Now that Valentine’s Day is over I’m switching my focus to get back on the organizing train.This past November I purchased this entertainment center from because I loved all the storage options and I wanted something more Pottery Barn- esque than what I was working with before....more

11 Apps to Help You Get Organized & Save Time and Money

Now that January is upon us, it's time to think about organizing our lives and making things a little simpler. From coupons to those dreaded to-do lists, these apps will organize us, freeing up some precious time we all seem to covet and help us save money, too. ...more
You're right, Sarah.  Evernote is wonderful, and I use it often for blogging, my personal life, ...more

How Long Should You Keep Documents?

As the New Year has just started and tax failing day is not far off either, now is the right time to go over your documents again. But how long should you really keep documents, and which ones should be shredded?I am a big believer in organizing everything, especially when it comes to my finances and home. Obligations such as mortgage or rent, utilities, student and other loans, credit cards, retirement funds, car and other insurances, investments and other payments – all of them come with lots of documents. Most people find it quite overwhelming. Can you relate?...more

10 Steps to an Organized Household

Your son’s basketball uniform has not been laundered, and he has a game in an hour. Your daughter has a field trip tomorrow, and you can’t find the permission form. The family pet missed yet another grooming appointment, and you haven’t a clue what to prepare for dinner with the meager fixings in the pantry. Sound familiar? ...more
lovekeil Hello Lovekeil. Thank you. That is an excellent idea. After all, you have to be in ...more

3 Steps to Create a Command Center that Works for You

My home command centerIf you’ve learned nothing else about me, you’ve at least learned that I love, love, loooooveorganizing! Seriously, I’m Monica from “Friends.” Except not skinny. And not with that shrill of a voice (hopefully). But I do get ridiculously excited about anything related to organizing....more

Upgrade Old Frames {and address hoarding issues}

I've mentioned before how I like to hoard sentimental things.  Well, in addition to every card I ever receive, I also keep pictures. This one is a little more common. I think most people struggle with throwing away photos, however my issue goes beyond just throwing them away, it involves an unwillingness to ever take them out of sight....more

Now is the Time to Get Control

Do you really mean it? Are you finally sick and tired of being a day late and a dollar short? Do you really want to step up and embrace a tool to help you be more organized on a daily basis? Are you willing to make a few changes in your life in order to reap the benefits? Are you ready to lower your blood pressure by reducing the number of panic attacks you have daily? Are you sure? Is that your final answer? Well okay then. Let’s do it!...more

Blog Organization, Social Media, etc.

I love your Guest Blogger page! Thats such a great way to expand your circle! I might have to ...more