Does this sound familiar to you?You walk past your crammed closet and think “I’ll clean it eventually.” Your overflowing drawers will not close and you think, “Oh what’s the big deal. I haven’t cleaned it because I am busy.”You can’t find your keys in the pile on your table and say, “So what? Doesn’t everyone have a clutter problem?”...more

GOOD CLUTTER........When Clutter Can Be A Good Thing....

GOOD CLUTTER…. When Clutter Can Be A Good Thing….. I am a very organized person. I like everything in its place……I like things neat and tidy and I do not as a whole like Clutter……I try to clear out unnecessary clutter  as much as possible….and yet I also realize the value of Clutter….There are times that Clutter can be a good thing….. Clutter in itself most often holds us back....more

My Pinterest Summer

Summer is nearing its lovely, hot-humid-long, and many-dreary-dark-days end. We are gearing up to the SCHOOL YEAR! This means we see more of his boys and my kids are back from their summer vacation in CA with their dad.To while away the days of (mostly) kid-free weekends, I put together a little Summer Bucket List....more

Rose to the Rescue - Organizing Specialista

About Rose... My career in organizing started at a young age.  I grew up in an environment where household chores were a priority to playing on the streets with friends. Learning how to make a bed, keep a closet clutter free and knowing that everything had its place was routine. ...more

Clear Clutter with a Feng Shui Trash Day

I’ve found a magic tool in the battle against clutter.  I call it the Feng Shui Trash Day.  If you do it for nine days, it will declutter your home and clear space for wonderful surprises!...more
 @happierthanever Well, I'm counting every tiny thing.  It's not easy yet though I think it will ...more