Creative Writing Saved My Life

I have blogs from many years ago, several journals, manuscripts as well. To know me is to read my blogs and short stories. I'm a very free spirited open flaws and all type of individual and it reflects through, my writing. Alot of people ask me all the time, how could you air your dirty laundry, and I simply respond by saying, I felt obligated to in case someone out their have gone through the same situations or similiar. ...more

A cat painting for spring

A cat painting for spring Here is my latest creation. A cat painting with flowers inspired by a previous painting that i did a couple years ago. This is acrylic and ink....more

I like it very much!

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Painting of a duck and some cherries

Painting of a duck and some cherries Here is my creation of the day,  i am continuing this series of birds with food. Again this is a small format. It is pretty new for me to paint at such a small scale and it is quite refreshing to see that now, i can paint an image in only 3 hours. A nice change. It is, as always, acrylic and ink on canvas. ...more

Image of The juicy tomato

Image of The juicy tomato I am beginning to paint a series of small artworks with the theme of food. Hopefully there will be numerous paintings that will follow. Here is the first one called The juicy tomato. I am excited to paint on smaller canvas. It will be a nice change. ...more

Wired Holiday Decor

We found this artisan design company, Village Designs, at a trade show earlier this year. We’ve been waiting for the appropriate season to roll in again to mention their unique take on holiday decorations....more

It's Mother's Day: do you know where your original piece of blogger art is?

I've mentioned before that historically, my husband and I make it a point to purchase an original piece of art whenever we travel.  In the past this has resulted in a wonderful collection of art from all over the world -- and it's amazing the emotions that looking at our art pieces can stir up every time we look at them.  But, you know, times change:  the economy bottoms out, I quit my job, the dollar weakens -- traveling doesn't really happen in our world very often any more.   And so, you would think that the opportunity for us to get art from far-flung places would have flown out the door. Enter, of course, the internet. ...more

Wovenplay for Halloween!

Lucky for Baby online boutique has Wovenplay! Unique costumes for Halloween and dress-up. ...more

K-9 Cross

What is K-9 Cross? ...more