At 15, my daughter is doing something I couldn’t do at her age.She is un-apologetically committed to being herself and it’s outright dangerous, in a world, that at every turn, demands she be like everybody else.  Her battle for originality has been hard fought, as she's had to deal with her share of tormentors who were so uncomfortable in their own skin that they couldn't rest until they saw her uncomfortable in hers. But as Tamar Braxton says, "She Won". ...more

What's Your Story?

Have you ever caught yourself saying, "I want to be like   ________" [insert name of celebrity, athlete, corporate power broker, friend.]We all do. We all use others for comparison or contextual reference.Last year, I caught myself explaining a project as wanting it to be something like a cross between Oprah and MarieTV with a heavy dose of nature and animals. After I wrote that in a Facebook group, I later wondered if I was doing myself a disservice by using other people as reference points.Todd Henry has a saying:...more

How I make sure my art doesn't get ripped off on the Internet

I follow these six easy steps to make sure my art doesn't get stolen online:  1) Be original.  I aim to make art so original that no one will question who made it. 2) Sell only live art. ...more

Interesting conversation about what authors, illustrators, and others without a live version of ...more