I'm going for a long walk

It's almost two years since my husband and I took a van-load of students to Tanzania, to visit our friends Jonathan and Rose Kyando, who lead a small church in Mbeya, Tanzania.It broke our hearts.From the valley town of Mbeya, we took the long, bone-shaking drive up into the hills to the small village of Ndaga, close to the Zambian border, sadly reknown for the many orphans left behind after migrant parents die and leave no extended family to care for the children....more

Today's Show- International Adoption with the "Orphan Doctor", Dr. Jane Aronson

  Listen NOW to a great show with Dr. Jane Aronson....more

Teaching Our Family to Survive in a Thai Orphanage

I can see it in the way my husband eyes the Girl as she grabs her third helping of chicken. When I throw him a questioning glance he says, "A chicken half this size would be all the meat for dinner for all 28 kids at the orphanage."...more

I have to agree with you about my husband.

I will hope with you that your family finds a way. ...more

It's a Process

Sunday, October 24, 2010 ...more

After Christmas Returns

The woman who put her son on a plane bound for Moscow is garnering a lot of attention in the press... But, actually, this practice seems to be part of a dark trend in American life.  Here is my last Christmas blog entry from an Italian perspective... ...more

The Politics Surrounding Adopting "Orphans" from Haiti

I have to admit, I felt sick to my stomach when I read this quote from Queen Latifah:...more

Sorry everyone about my lateness in responding - I moved this weekend!

Thank you Tre ...more

Blog For A Cause

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Social Change in Nonprofits

“Social change” is the current buzz word in the non-profit world... It is not just about simply helping people, but how charities are bringing about a larger change in society. Reading recent articles about this topic this past week has caused me to reflect on who we are and what changes we are creating with the work we do. ...more

HHI's First Touch In Kenya

An Interview By Liz Kimmerly GroverCommunications OfficerHands to Hearts International I recently had the chance to interview Pat Arrington, a longtime supporter of Hands to Hearts International and recent visitor to Kenya, where she actually had the chance to teach HHI's baby massage method at an orphanage during her trip. ...more