What Were Your Most Surprising Moments At The Academy Awards?

What were your favorite happenings from the 2013 Academy Awards? Were you thrilled? Were you squirming in your seat? Maybe you didn't care one way or another, as long as the celebrity gowns looked good! Pick your best moments from the list below or tell us which ones made you want to hop on the stage for a song-and-dance number (maybe or maybe not about boobs). ...more
@BlogHer Charlize Theron's hair. But we loved her look! #beautiful #oscarsmore

The Real Roots of Hollywood: Why Hugo and The Artist Matter

There’s the adage that we must study history so that we don't repeat the past, but we must study history to respect the past, too. Two of this year’s Best Picture nominees, Hugo and The Artist, celebrate filmmaking in its earliest days. They capture people and places long forgotten by most. For me, much of this history was familiar. These films follow the path of my own family, who began in film over 100 years ago....more
I haven't seen either of them but I love the book that Hugo was based on. - Karenmore

Which Movie Will Win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

If you're a movie lover, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The Golden Globes aired a few weeks ago, kicking off the red carpet season. And this week, the nominations for the Academy Awards were released at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning. It's probably the one day out of the entire year that all of Hollywood wakes up well before noon....more
Hello there, Jane! VERY interesting list of prospects...have to research this before having an ...more

Pre-Oscar Party

Heading over to the Millers for Velveeta dip in the crockpot. Wearing Clearance shirt from Marshalls. Don't hate me. Allie http://24inmymind.blogspot.com...more

Month of Movies: Oscar-Winning Comedies to Make You Laugh

Fast forward to present day. We're just dusting ourselves off from the Great Recession. 2010 was a year that I expected to see a bit more levity in theaters -- or at least a little more nail-biting dramedy a la Focus Features' The Kids Are All Right -- but instead we're looking at a roster of riveting, brilliant, prophetic, but holy crap are they a bunch of twisted, disturbing, dark, and depressing flicks. ...more

Hmmm...totally valid and interesting hypothesis!more

King Is a Four Letter Word: Rating The King's Speech

The King’s Speech is my total movie crush this Awards Season. I think everyone should see it, but an R rating narrowed its audience. Not sex, not violence, simply words -- four letter ones -- deemed this inappropriate for young audiences. It’s been suggested that the filmmakers release an edited version to get a PG-13 rating. Could it make the filmmakers more money? Absolutely. But should the film have been R-rated to begin with? ...more

This is an amazing film. I totally loved it. As a former public speaking instructor - good for ...more

The Moment of a Liftime

Oscar night is one of the empty nester’s favorite evenings of the year. Watching the stars walk down the red carpet, checking out the fashion dos and don’ts, wondering how much botox a face can tolerate is a tradition we almost always enjoy together. This year Jill and Claudia were in different locations, but even apart watching the really big show was a trip.This year was particularly fun because we saw many of the nominated films and performances....more

Ode to Sandra Bullock

There are a few national happenings, both good and bad, that allow us to clearly put things into perspective for our children. The devastation in Haiti provided parents with the opportunity to teach their children about vulnerability, empathy and the importance of giving back. The 2010 Winter Olympics prompted us to encourage our kids to follow their dreams and that the notion of hard work and dedication is in fact tangible. Last night we were able to seize the moment for another life lesson- the lesson of humility....more

10 Women Who Should Have Won The Oscar for Best Director -- Sort Of

When you look at the title of this post, you might think, "Hmm, which of the many women nominated for Best Director should have won the Academy Award?" Well, the problem with that is you'd have to stop and remind yourself that in the history of the Oscars, only four women have been nominated for Best Director. Only four. ...more

Kathryn Bigelow really sets the motion for female directors to get really recognized in the ...more


UP IN THE AIR is an unbridled pleasure.  It is crisp. It is certain in tone.  It has a message and it delivers on its promise.  Best yet, its messengers ring true, portraying men and women in all of their glorious complexity. At its heart is the sublimely seductive George Clooney. There are few actors that radiate charm and intelligence in equal measure.  He has proved through his selection of roles and Meryl Streep like ability to step into persona, a personal guarantee of a first rate performance. ...more