Sure. Sure it was an accidental shooting.

I’ve blogged about my suspicions of Oscar Pistorius before, and evidence introduced in his trial has not changed my mind. To refresh your memory further,  “Pistorius is currently on trial for killing Steenkamp on February 14th, 2013. ...more

Reeva Steenkamp

Hi everyoneI hope you are all enjoying the weekend.  I'm not sure if you all follow twitter but I have been asked to write my views on the Reeva Steenkamp/Oscar Pistorius case so here we go.  Deep breath!When the news broke on the day of love, Valentine's Day that Reeva had been murdered I was devastated I mean Oscar a murderer, no!  Oscar Pistorius to me was a hero, a man that had conquered his disabilities and gone on to have a fabulous career....more
No doubt to me Oscar Pistorius is  a narcissistic sociopath human "unbeeing"!!! His  incredible ...more

The Killing: Reeva Steenkamp and ending the war on women

Whilst avidly consuming every detail of the bail hearing of Oscar Pistorius this last week, I've been shocked by the statistics of violent crime against women in South Africa. But then these kinds of statistics aren't the sole reserve of South Africa. India, Somalia, Pakistan... there is a long list of countries where violent crime against women is rife, even right here in the UK. The spotlight on this celebrity killing has reminded me that I must do my bit to take action to end the war on women in our world... ...more

It's Not About Inclusiveness

Tonight, my mom and I were watching the Olympics, and I was excited to see Oscar Pistorius competing. I'd read about him a few weeks ago and was hoping to catch one of his races. For those who don't know, Pistorius (South Africa) is the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics (as compared to the Paralympics). He's an amazing athlete, and, as a person with a disability myself, I think it's particularly awesome to see him competing alongside able-bodied athletes. ...more
Yes! Words do matter! That's why I'm not giving up!   Inclusive means to include. I don't think ...more