Problematic Feminism, Intersectionality and the Wage Gap

Award shows can be a great way to spread awareness about different causes, especially those explored in the acceptance speeches. This year’s Oscars was no exception, with Julianne Moore speaking on behalf of Alzheimer’s awareness and Eddie Redmayne dedicating his award to those with ALS. But, perhaps the most controversial and GIF-worthy speech was Patricia Arquette’s, accepting the Oscar for her role in “Boyhood.”...more

This is why we can't have nice things: On the Oscars, politicism and the PC police

I'll admit that, at first, I cheered. There was Patricia Arquette, up at the podium accepting her Best Supporting Actress statue for Boyhood, when she dropped a truth bomb about gender and the wage gap. "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America." Meryl cheered. J. Lo cheered. I cheered from my couch. ...more

Oscar Red Carpet Nail Trends and Me

Oscar Red Carpet 2015 - Who won?

I don’t think I’ve seen any of the movies nominated for Oscars. Between work, kids, and everything else to do – I just haven’t gotten around to it (and I don’t really care.) What I do care about is the red carpet and what these women are wearing.Right off the bat, my favorites were the girls on E! I loved what Kelly Osbourne, Catt Sadler and Giuliana Rancic were wearing. The best dressed were the ones talking about the best dressed!...more

It's Not All About the Dresses

Watching the Red Carpet on E!, i'm realizing what people have said for years; Presentation is everything.No one was prepared for the untimely death of Joan Rivers and it is obvious E! truly was not prepared. The team they have working the Red Carpet for The Oscars is such a hodge podge of "huh?" it makes you wonder how they chose the people they did. I like each of the people individually, except for Guilliana, for hosting most of the time. I just haven't figured out what qualifies any of them to be rating people on the red carpet. ...more

7 Things I Didn't Know About the Oscars Until I Was In the Audience

“I need a dress!” I posted on Facebook the day the Oscar nominations were announced. My husband’s first documentary had made the list and—against all odds—we were going to the Oscars.  That was four years ago, and as the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony approaches, I feel the excitement build up again. I can hear the crowds screaming, see the glaring lights, feel the red carpet under my five-inch heels. It was every bit as glamorous as I had expected, and more. But along the way I ran into a few surprises. ...more
washtg Thank you! I'm sure you saw more of it than I did during the event. I should go back and ...more

‘American Sniper’ Film Review

You might have heard some talk about Bradley Cooper’s physical changes for his latest film, American Sniper due out December 25, but his performance is what really stands out. This gritty film directed by Clint Eastwood portrays the driven life of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who is recognized as the most lethal sniper in American military history, with over 160 kills during his four tours in Iraq....more

Oscars 2014 Fashion Recap

The 2014 Oscars are in the record books!  Well, there might be a few parties still going on as this post goes live.  I have to say, it was quite the entertaining show, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. I mean, how cool was ordering pizza?  And her Oscar Selfie set a Twitter record for the most tweets.  Even though it ran long, having our #OscarHop rolling made it fun and engaging!   But before the show, we began with the Red Carpet....more