Oscar Nodding

When I was a kid, and even until my 30's, Oscar Night was a BIG DEAL.  As a child, I was allowed to bring my desolate Swanson Pot Pie on a Melmac plate, and move it around on my plate and sit in front of our tiny black and white TV for 3 1/2 rapt hours.  To be able to see actual movie stars like Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Jimmy Stewart, dressed so grandly, looking so comfortable in their gowns and tuxedos was the height of fantasy fullfillment.   Bob Hope gently skewered himself and everyone else with great hilarity, and the evening lifted me with huge, i...more

Month of Movies: I Am Love and Fashion on Film

There are films with style. There are films about style. And, every so often, one has both. Oscar nominated for costume design, I Am Love is steeped in fashion. It’s the story of an Italian family who made their fortune in the industry. Behind the scenes, the design houses of Jil Sander and Fendi dress its stars. It joins a long list of film collaborations between directors and fashion designers. ...more

Emma's wardrobe is great - kind of reminds me of Doris Day films in the 50s. And yet, they look ...more

A Month of Movies: What's Your Favorite Quirky Movie Family?

From the quirky to the truly toxic to the functional dysfunction in between, the fusion of comedy and tragedy that is the family dramedy ranks as my favorite film genre. Unlike the family drama (think Terms of Endearment), the family dramedy rarely takes home the Oscar. But this year's success of The Kids Are All Right has me making a list of the all-time funniest, most touching families on screen....more

. . . with Robin Williams, L.L. CoolJ, Robin Wright, Joan Cusack, and Dumbledore - I mean, ...more

Do You Love James Franco, or Are You Having Franco Exhaustion?

James Franco appeared on the Golden Globes shortlist this year, nominated as Best Actor for his performance as rock climber Aron Ralston in 127 Hours. Which is not surprising for two reasons: 1. he captivated audiences in a challenging role that rested wholly on his shoulders (or trapped arm, actually) and 2. he must have an exhausted publicist, because the Golden Globe nom is only one recent Franco news story among many, many others. ...more

So far I'm in. Howl was fantastic, and so was Milk, so he actually has room to flail a bit with me.more