The Artist: How to Rock Your Art like an Oscar Winner

The Artist was not a flashy movie. It was not Avatar with its hot-shot visual effects. It was not Black Swan with its heated dark intensity. It was just quietly, confidently, undeniably itself. That's when I realized how much I truly loved The Artist....more
I love what you say about art-- it is sometimes tempting to be other than what we are, and take ...more

Is Oscar doing Jenny Craig too? (Angelina Jolie)

 OK is it just me or does she look like the shriveled beautiful actress we use to know as Angelina Jolie? I was at an Oscar watching party with a group of friends and when she came on stage, there was a group "gasp" as she stood there looking like she didn't even have the strength to hold an oscar to give to the winner?...more

Netflix. Pizza. Motherhood Awards

Last Friday I took the day off. I didn't do much except relax and bake. Funny to say it but those two things are starting to become synonyms. Part of my new weekend tradition is to cook or bake at least one thing. This weekend it was a double header: chocolate torte and homemade pizza. Sam came home, saw the torte, and......more

Viola Davis: Why We're Still Talking about Her Hair

Viola Davis is still in the headlines. A pretty impressive feat considering that Meryl Streep finally won another Oscar after 12 consecutive nominations without wins and should be the talk of the town....more
I've been natural for two years now, and I see more and more women 'going natural" every where I ...more

And the Winners Were ...

Original post on xoxoxo eI predicted at the beginning of February who I thought would win. Here's how my picks stacked up to the actual winners. I only did the major awards and ones that interested me. I've put the winners in bold and my original predictions below.Tom Hanks opened up the proceeding by presenting two important technical awards, cinematography and art direction:...more

"Oscars...this and that..." by Tracey Jackson

THIS AND THATSo I have been pretty much chained to my desk as I’m working like mad on the Lifetime movie of my book.  I haven’t been out and about that much and I haven’t really been thinking about too much else. OK PINTEREST. But it stops there. It’s now six- twenty and the Oscar red carpet starts in forty minutes. We have to get comfy decide between Thai and pizza and figure out which room to watch it in. BTW so thrilled Billy Crystal is back....more

What Were The Most Memorable Moments From the 84th Academy Awards?

Hollywood's biggest salute to its most talented people took place last night as the 84th annual Academy Awards aired on ABC. Did you watch it? There were some nice highs and a few cringe-worthy lows, but nothing too drastic happened to mar the high holy night for the glitterati of the movie biz. Unless you count Sasha Baron Cohen coming dressed as a dictator, which hardly anyone noticed as the cameras avoided him like the plague....more
 @loriluna  I believe I may have been bored if I wasn't so busy juggling notes on my laptop, ...more

Oscar Night in Celebrity Tweets: The Award Goes To...

Nostalgia, Grecian dresses, and the French reigned over last night's 84th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood and Highland Center -- in case you missed Billy Crystal's crack, Kodak could no longer afford to keep their name on the famous, seriously -- but despite nipple slips, black...more
I agree that the twitter stream made the night. It also told me that I was never engrossed in ...more