That....that....dude looks like a lady....

I'm sure at least 85% of the bloggers in the blogosphere will write about the Academy Awards tonight, so why should I be any different? ...more

I Survived the Oscars Best Picture Marathon and All I Got Was This Crappy Cold.

For the second year in a row, I attended the Best Picture Marathon that’s held the day before the Oscars, where you watch all the Best Picture nominees in a movie theater with other “movie lovers.”  (Or misfit toys, your pick).   Last year it was ten movies, this year it was nine.  Here’s my experience:...more

Live Tweet the Oscars with BlogHer Pop!

It's almost time!  Tonight, the celeb set will stroll the red carpet down Hollywood Boulevard and into the Kodak Theater for the 84th Annual Academy Awards and you can bet your butt we here at BlogHer Entertainment will be watching -- and live tweeting -- every single second of it. Because honestly, isn't making fun of the rich and famous what Oscar night is all about? ...more
@the818 @blogherpop I'm so happy it's not tape delayed :)more

The Succulent Wives' Style the Oscar Nominees

We’re girls. We love the movies. We love the Academy Awards. Well, not really. We put up with them because we get to watch Hollywood glam for three (four?) hours. And, mostly, we get to do lots of backseat drivingstylin’....more

How To Wear A Tux (2.24.2012)

Any Jake Gyllenhaal fans out there?? You gotta see this. My pre-Oscars gift to you. Sigh...

Oscar Movies That Would Have Been Better with Female Leads

The Academy Awards are on Sunday and while we’re all wondering if Viola Davis and The Help or George Clooney and The Descendants will take home big prizes, the approach of Oscar night got me to thinking about the need for more leading roles for women in big movies....more
You know, I actually thought about "Chariots of Fire" but didn't use it because I thought it ...more

Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

Most people haven't seen all of the nominees for this week's Oscars. But that shouldn't stop us all from having opinions about who was snubbed and who we think will win, right? I don't feel compelled to see everything out there in order to tune into the Oscars. I think of it as mostly an opportunity to stargaze and play along with the worst and best dressed commentators....more

Awards Season Lunchtime Poll: How Many Oscars Does Meryl Streep Have?

There are some clichés about Hollywood almost impossible to do away with. Every waiter is an actor waiting for his big break. Everything in LA is 20 minutes from Point A to Point B. Meryl Streep is going to take home the Oscar, yet again. While it’s true the actor/waiter ratio is high, and that before Carmageddon there was some truth to the 20-minute rule, the fact is Meryl Streep isn’t swimming in Oscars....more
The Academy certainly went with much higher brow nominees this year which I think will lose them ...more

Oscars Reward Status Quo, Not Art

Being the movie geek that I am, the day that the Oscar nominations come out is always a fun day for me. I love to obsess over the commentaries and argue on behalf of my favorites, and I compulsively add any nominees I haven't seen yet into my queue.And Oscar Night! Glamorous, elegant, thrilling. I love everything from the awkward red carpet interviews to the gorgeous dresses to the stilted host performances to the thank you speeches to the day-after rehash....more
Well I loved The King's Speech. I do like historical novels and films, and I have a crush on the ...more

For Your Consideration: Why Hollywood Doesn't Go to the Movies

Every year in the middle of November, thin little packages start arriving on doorsteps all over Los Angeles. They trickle and flood in until the end of the year, little cases of entertainment. You can almost hear the collective excitement in the city when the film awards screeners go out from the movie studios.  ...more
I'm very partial to "Hugo" but I feel like "The Descendants" is already a front runner. I love ...more