Graceful Black Swan

The graceful Black Swan deserves an Oscar too because its intensity, and the psychological inside of every part that had us read between the lines to figure out what was real, and what was part of the figment of the made up identity, that had all of us biting our nails with the fear of becoming one of her....more

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Month of Movies: Academy Blows It by Barring Banksy from Attending Oscars in Disguise

Let's pretend you are a producer of the Academy Awards show or a member of the esteemed organization that hosts the annual event. You are compelled to keep your show exciting, rewarded with viewers and relevant to a worldwide audience with increasing competition for their attention every year. So someone nominated for an award this year wants to attend, but he needs to attend in disguise, his face covered to protect his anonymity. Kind of cool, right? What would you do? ...more

I'm going to go against popular opinion -- not anti-Banksy, but he sort of ruined it for me with ...more

Our Picks For the Oscars - And We Don't Mean Who Will Win

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony, we thought we’d ask some of our favorite contributors to try their hand at styling their favorite nominated actress....more

Month of Movies: Christian Bale Wins for Most Annoying Actor at the Oscars

One thing I am not looking forward to, however: the big possibility I will have to listen to Christian Bale as he accepts the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He already has scored the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award and loads of others for his The Figher performance. My only hope for avoiding Bale's snooty face on stage would be a long-shot upset by The King's Speech's Geoffrey Rush, because Jeremy Renner (The Town), Mark Ruffalo (The Kids are All Right) and John Hawkes (Winter's Bone) don't stand a chance. ...more

Hahah that was one of my favorite movies as a kid as well!

I do think Bale is very talented ...more

Month of Movies: Kidman Chases Oscar Down the Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is one of those movies that I just know is brilliant, and I just know I will absolutely never see. At least, not for a long time. The subject matter alone is enough to send any parent running for the hills in empathetic agony, and -- unlike Rama of , I had no doubt that Aaron Eckhart would be heart-wrenching to watch, but from the buzz in the Oscar-sphere, it's Kidman who gives a revelatory performance as a mother struggling to reclaim her life after the loss of her young son....more

I am happy to see movies that make me feel glad to be a human, even when it's tragic, but only ...more

For Love of the Movies

For Love of the Movies ...more

A Month of Movies: Is "The Fighter" an Oscar Contender?

Will The Fighter take home Oscar gold? Well, not for Mark Wahlberg, who was snubbed for Best Actor ... but maybe for Christian Bale, who got a nod for Best Supporting Actor. I agree with Shannon at Frothy Girlz that The Fighter is "the perfect awards season movie."...more

I haven't seen it yet. I've heard it's amazing.

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Month of Movies: Will Helena Bonham Carter Be Oscar's Queen for a Day?

Helena Bonham Carter has my heart. Her role in The King's Speech certainly wasn't as gritty or fierce as those of her competitors'. She played Queen Elizabeth, after all. Her precise acting in such a tough role was truly Oscar worthy, exuding a careful royal air while also being vulnerable and adding complexity and depth to the piece through her performance. ...more

Melissa Leo for her role in The Fighter is an more

A Review of Oscar Nominee "Winter's Bone"

Living in the backwoods of the Ozarks is no picnic in the best of circumstances -- but even worse when your Daddy’s skipped out on his bail and your house and land are at stake. That’s the pickle 17-year-old Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself in. Daddy Jessup skipped out on a “crank cooking” charge and now Ree, her young brother, young sister and incapacitated mother are close to being thrown off their land and into the woods. ...more

I totally agree that Jennifer Lawrence made an impact with this film and served notice that she ...more