I am the woman sleeping with your husband

Yes, I am she.I met him because he was specifically out looking. We talked, we laughed, we bonded... and yes, we had sex.He had begun looking in other places because there was nothing for him at home. At first, it was about the sex, however the physical connection that sex brings was only a surface issue to what lay beneath the surface....more
Wow.  Well I am someone who has been on both sides.  My 20 year marriage collapsed because of ...more

Round One, Me.

I want to write about this before I forget it, forget this feeling I have this morning after far too many Diet & Vanillas and blowing my calorie intake for the day.There's some craziness going down at my college alma mater and being the good alumna I am, after much cajoling I went with a very dear friend to dinner with people I didn't know to figure out a game plan, if one is to be had, in order to keep some bad business from happening.This may seem unremarkable, because for the most part it is....more

Sex Scandals: How Much Is the Other Woman Responsible?

This week, Toronto City Councilor Adam Giambrone was caught in a position that seems to be familiar with a number of male politicians and celebrities: with his pants down. But Giambrone, a 32 year-old wunderkind who was (until yesterday) running for mayor of Toronto, was unmarried but living with a long-time girlfriend. ...more

Ah, yes, now I'm saying it with you: WHY is it still happening? I think that's really the ...more

Three Types of Mistresses: Which One Could You Become?

The other woman. “Home wrecker” if she succeeds, “what did you expect?” if she doesn't. Everyday we are bombarded with stories of these women: former governor Mark Sanford's soulmate, John Edwards' baby momma, and Tiger Woods' menagerie of lovers. While the media will tell us all about these women, it's only ever the scintillating details – the love letters, the text messages, the alleged existence of a sex tape. The fact they are – or once were – party girls, porn stars, strippers. ...more
PS: Yes we can choose who we love. "I can't help who I love!" Yes you can! "It just happened!" ...more

Monday Step 4

know for a long time I let my ABF treat me in ways that where not ok. So I'm proud of myself because yesterday I wrote him a letter setting boundaries and telling him that what he said to me was not acceptable behavior. I was honest with him which is hard for me to do sometimes especially with him because I'm not always sure how he will react. But, this time I told him what was going on with me and that he did hurt my feelings. I carry guilt around with me some of which I am to blame for I know I've taken my problems ...more

I was thinking about how men always say they don't know what we are thinking so if we don't ...more

Love or Something like it...

Life was so simple when I started out. Just out of college,stepping into a brand new world, everything I wanted was for me to take….Friends, money, career, love, fun. Who knew everything has a price… that life would tempt you with little bit of happiness and just when you think youare the luckiest person in the world, it just screws you…BIG TIME ...more

Why do you have to see him? If it's so hard, can't you give up the friendship? Maybe it's ...more