Handling your ‘celebrity’ status as a new twin parent

The first time I pushed my big red twin pram outside the house, I quickly discover that the world loves twins (or at least it felt that way). Little old ladies, clucky women, children, pregnant women and even old grandpas would stop. Some would stop and stare and others stop, stare and then go through the blazingly-obvious-face-palming twin comments. And when you’re exhausted and tired from doing all-nighters with your itty bitty bubbas, patience is at an all time low (especially if bubs are sleeping and their interest is a little on the loud side)....more

Embarrassing S**t My Kid(s) Said When We Were Out in Public

Love the responses I got from all of you! HUGE thanks to all who contributed! xo! ...more

Oh C'MON! in....

As you already know, flying with tiny humans has drastically changed how Nick and I travel, but it has also drastically changed our entire vacation. Gone are the days of sleeping until our eyes pop open, finding a quiet cafe for a late breakfast, and wandering the city of our choice for the day to see what we might find. Now we have to make plans, choose activities in which to entertain the little darlings who have been entrusted into our care....more