Out of the Mouths of Babes -- How My 3-Year Old Spoke an Important Truth to Mommy

I was deep in thought one day when my kids were very young.  I think Josh was barely 3 and Meg was still a baby....more

Freedom Through the Eyes of a 4yo

Me (singing) : Everybody should have their own waffle... H#2 (singing back): Everybody should get what they want all the time. Me (no longer singing): But that would be anarchy and chaos. H#2 (Big grin while he bats his eyelashes): No, that would be freedom. ...more

Mommy? Do you love Daddy?

My son won't turn 2 for another 11 days.  He's said some things that make us do a triple take and we then wonder if it's normal for his age or if he's as precocious as he appears. When he does something that's not Ok, like throw food from his highchair or, perhaps, hit me in the face...we're working on that, always...he then wants to make things right and make sure that I'm happy.  He used to wait until I smiled again and would say, "Mommy happy!"  Like, "Phew!  I made it out of hot water." So the other day, when he had been scolded for doing somethi...more

Little man K.

It's just about 2 years since K. ...more

Words of wisdom

 He's got all the answers ...  ...more

Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom - kiddie-style! ...more