My No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Day for Shoes

Clink, clop, Clink, clop, Clink, clop.I was walking to my College briskly as it was twenty-seven degrees outside. Burdened down with my workout bag, my briefcase, my purse and my lunch bag, I stopped every once in a while to shift, resettle, then walk again.Clink, clop, Clink, clop, Clink, clop....more
Oh girl. That sounds like a story that always ends up around here with me saying "I can't have ...more

LGBT at Work - A Look at News and Stats

It's been a long time since I've written about LGBT issues in the workplace. I used to do so at least weekly but over the 4+ years I've owned my own business, I haven't had my finger on the pulse nearly as much. That is why this recent roundup of gays, lesbians, and trangendered folks in the workplace was of interest. This recent Chicago Tribune article provides a great roundup of LGBT Work Stats. Here's a few that really caught my eye: ...more