Because Dad taught me to fish

In honor of my dad, Bob “Ski” Olesky, with thanks for the many lessons I learned because he taught me to fish....more


         Good morning world!!! News flash!! Apparently this girl snores! pssshhh i don't believe it. This perfect angel in no way sounds like a logger buzzing along. hhummph I'm fairly certain at this point that it had to be Jeremy and he woke himself up and needed to place the blame elsewhere!! WHO DOES THAT!!!! ;) Nice way to start off my Monday, I'm very much a Garfield when it comes to

More Garden Adventures - Potted in Glendale

Last June I headed to LA - and got to stop by the garden accessory store, Potted ("indoor style for outdoor living"). Trendy, hip, modern ... the place is a treat! I don't usually choose modern, urban or mid-century styles ... probably because I've mostly lived in California ranch houses. Garden-wise I tend towards country, old-fashioned and places that remind me of sitting by a stream. But. I find modern arresting and Potted is all that. Since shopping season is upon us, I thought this would be a good time to introduce people to this store. ...more