Outdoor Play Should Be Unstructured and Uninterrupted

It’s no secret that outdoor play keeps the minds of children healthy and engaged. Through the use of play equipment, kids learn how to make critical decisions, how to solve difficult problems, and how to navigate life’s social and emotional minefield. In many respects, play is a rehearsal for the future, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be scripted. ...more

Outdoor Play Should Be Considered A Child's Human Right

If a child is thirsty, you give them something to drink. If they’re hungry, you feed them and ensure they’ve had their fill. We do these things, not only because we love our children, but because we know they’re a fundamental part of their development and paramount to keeping them healthy. We want them to grow up happy, never wanting for anything. As parents, we understand the importance of a balanced diet and the need for regular hydration. So why, when it comes to play, do we not see the outdoors in the same light? ...more
OutdoorClassDay BlogHer It already is, under Article 31 of UN Rights of the Child! Only USA ...more

Parents’ Attitudes Towards Outdoor Play Are Harming Child Development

Life nowadays seems to be unavoidably sedentary. When we get up in the morning, we jump in the car and drive our children a mile down the road to school. When we ferry them back after work in the evening, we sit down in front of the TV and vegetate until bedtime.  ...more

Our Kids and the Importance of Active Play

With one of the world’s biggest toy manufacturer’s recently stating that children shouldn’t engage in formal learning until at least the age of eight, should we begin to take notice? We’re of course talking about Lego’s proclamation that play-based learning for young children is far more beneficial than studying the three Rs. ...more
I think active play is important at any age, even for adults. I have four nieces and a nephew ...more

Green Time Over Screen Time Makes For Happy, Healthy Kids

It’s long been known that children who have lots of opportunities to play tend to be mentally, cognitively and socially astute. While play may appear trivial from an adult’s perspective, it is actually a staple part of childhood and without it children can struggle with problem-solving and decisions making in later life. However, there is a definitive line between what constitutes healthy play and what doesn’t. ...more
I definitely agree with your article.  I have a 2 year old, and I try to bring him outside to ...more

Are You Raisin' Intelligent Kids?

Ever wondered whether your toddler will grow up to be a bright, young spark? Well, scientists at the University of Warwick believe they have found a way to predict a child’s intelligence in one simple test. By placing a raisin under a cup and asking their test toddlers to refrain from eating it, they could determine the inhibitory control of each child....more

Risky Play: Why It's Okay As Long As They Keep Grounded

As a parent, it is understandable that you want to keep your children safe at all times. You’ve raised and cared for them since the day they were born and you’re not about to stop anytime soon.  ...more

Letting The Helicopter Go

Remember when you were a kid, and you would go outside at 9AM, play at the creek, collect crawdads, dig holes, ride your bike to the furthest park in your neighborhood — without a helmet — run into your friend’s house for a quick bite for lunch, roll down a few hills, play tag, stomp through mud and make a little grave for the dead bird you found — only to return home at 5PM just in time for dinner, smelling like dirt, sunshine and creek water?Remember that? Or something like it?...more

No Child Left Inside: Why Digging for Worms Is Good

There is a little piece of me, the usually dormant compulsively tidy piece, that gets irritated when she digs up worms in the middle of our not very stable lawn-on-a-hill, or builds forts with sticks woven through newly planted shrubs. But I bite my tongue a lot, because really? I like that she's outside communing with nature and making hosta leaf boats for ants and acting as midwife to worms. Digging in the dirt, learning to fish, planting seeds -- it's all part of keeping her connected to the earth, something that is incredibly important for lots of reasons....more
Get into the garden with your kids. Whether it is in your own backyard or someone else's. There ...more