on birthday paddles

Birthday and Christmas are two of my most very favorite things.  I almost started this post with the simple sentence, I love gifts....more

Keep off my (very small) lawn

My son does not like the backyard in our new house. In our old house, there was a big backyard that was mostly flat and it was perfect for water battles and running around. In the new house, the backyard mostly consists of a hill (that will be great for sledding on), but we definitely can't have water battles there. ...more

Are Early Memories a Blueprint for LIfe?

Recently, my genealogy research prompted me to look up one of my childhood homes online, which then led to a conversation with my mom about my early memories about my younger years. This got me to thinking about my earliest memories, which I realized are mostly related to the outdoors. We were not an outdoorsy family, so what does that say about me? Unlike the rest of my family, I have always been drawn by nature (prompting my sister to question if I was adopted; I wasn’t) and as an adult, find comfort in the outdoors....more

Self-Care Saturday Skiing

 It's Saturday and with several days' fresh dusting of snowfall, I'll take whatever I can get to make use of my cross country skis that have been sorely neglected due to a mild Saskatchewan winter. Poor us, right? El Niño has snubbed us our usual winter wasteland. Perhaps it's my Nordic roots, my true Canadian love of the outdoors, or the quiet solitude sought by an introvert, but I do enjoy cross country skiing as my favorite winter pastime. ...more

Deer Hunting is not just about hunting

This weekend is the beginning of gun deer season here in Wisconsin. Yes, I'm one of those people who goes out and "kills Bambi" as the anti-hunters put it. Last year, I did not get any deer. It didn't bother me too bad as that is only part of my hunting experience. Yes, getting a deer is only part of it.I enjoy the outdoors as well. Sitting out in nature completely still in silence is a different experience if you've never tried. You hear everything. It is so quiet. It is relaxing and calming....more
I'd go fishing with my father and brother when I was younger.  I didn't mind those times when ...more

I'm not a happy camper

When I was a Girl Scout, my parents let me go to camps over the summer. Lots of camps. There was day camp and teddy bear camp, dance camp and biking camp and more. And camping was fun: We earned badges, made s'mores, sang dirty songs, made new friends and slept in very nice tents. ...more

DIY Backyard Sunshade

My mom has visited us three times since we moved to Miami and everytime she comes she complains that there is no place for her to sit in the backyard in the shade so she can drink her morning coffee or watch the kids play....more
How would you attach the shade cloth? Any ideas?more

My Reverse Ring Report

It was an optimistic group of 13 runners that finally jumped out of warm vehicles in the Signal Knob parking lot with starting temperatures of 4F and the promise of a impending snow storm swooping down upon them shortly.Starting, there was a glimmer of a pink sunrise as we started over the Massanutten rocks...more