DIY Backyard Sunshade

My mom has visited us three times since we moved to Miami and everytime she comes she complains that there is no place for her to sit in the backyard in the shade so she can drink her morning coffee or watch the kids play....more

My Reverse Ring Report

It was an optimistic group of 13 runners that finally jumped out of warm vehicles in the Signal Knob parking lot with starting temperatures of 4F and the promise of a impending snow storm swooping down upon them shortly.Starting, there was a glimmer of a pink sunrise as we started over the Massanutten rocks...more

Moroccan Chickpea & Tomato Soup

Day 27 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Day 26 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more

Spicy Black Bean Soup

Day 25 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more

Coconut Turkey Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup

Day 22 of 30 Soups in 30 Days......more

6 Things to Roast Over a Campfire that Aren't Hot Dogs or S'mores

Of course, we roast just about everything imaginable over a campfire, from game hens to rack of lamb; but these 6 items need no special equipment -- no grates, no fancy roasting baskets, no esoteric contraptions -- just a simple roasting fork or something similar....more
Sarah Wainwright I know! We've cut so much fat out of our diet, but with all these teenage boys ...more

Italian Sausage & Farro Soup

We ate this soup last night and it was fabulous -- again, perfect for camping because it requires very little preparation, one pot over one burner, and just a few ingredients....more