Yurt Camping in a Snowy Spring

Here’s a question: Can it really be called winter camping if it takes place during March Break, and if our shelter of choice is a yurt instead of a tent? I’ve decided that since there was snow on the ground the answer is a big fat YES.I’ve uploaded a slew of photos to Flickr already (you can see them all right here), but I wanted to share one right here that summed up this wonderful new experience for me:...more
That's aweaome! I definitely want to stay in a yurt someday.more

Trail of Tears

 Trail of Tears…This blog should most definitely come with with a warning sign: CAUTION- SUBJECT MATTER IS DUE TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME...more

Red Rock Overlook Hike in Pictures

I know I haven't written in nearly a week, and for that I am truly sorry.  I have tons and tons of ideas floating around in my head, many of which are in various stages of my writing process and sitting in Blogger waiting for me to get back at it.  I am also working on a guest post that will be showing up pretty soon......more

Camping Disaster

If you are dreading to read more about constipation, mucous plug and/or vaginal yeast infection - you are in luck! This post is pregnancy unrelated. (If you were, on the other hand, hoping to hear about the topics listed above, do not fear....more

Running Into a Bear on Prospect Mountain in Lake George

When my Aunt Cynthia, who has been coming to the Adirondacks since she was a little girl, came to see my house for the first time, she joked about bears in my back yard coming to get her. I laughed it off, and told her there are no bears in Lake George. She tilted her head to the right, gave me a skeptical eye and said something to the effect of, “don’t be so sure.”...more
 @Michelle Maskaly In the mountains the bears are heavily populated so we always prepare for ...more

Wait...Was that a Mountain Lion?

I'm not sure how or why, but for some odd reason I've developed a huge fear of mountain lions. Personally, I blame Google and its abundant availability of frightening information. Naturally, this phobia was top-of-mind when my sister and I visited Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming a few weeks ago....more

Kid, You'll Move Mountains

One of our favorite things about living in Calgary is how close we are to the Rocky Mountains. This past weekend, we decided to hike up to Grassi Lakes, just southwest of Canmore, AB on the western edge of the Rockies....more
 @ErinChrusch I think both places have their pros and cons ;) But I still dream of being closer ...more

Not Harry Potter Kids? More Like Barefoot, in a Creek, With a Net and Golf Club.

"Old soul" is so over used.  Peter is more like a crotchety, disgruntled old man stuck in the body of a seven year old.  You all know the guy that became famous for sharing "Shit my dad says", well his dad should know better!  ...more

Staring it Down

  “Do one thing every day that scares you.”Eleanor RooseveltLast weekend we took a family hike. It was absolutely gorgeous and required just enough of me physically and mentally that I found myself completely engrossed in the task at hand. We trekked through terrain that alternated between rocky, muddy and icy until we hit the summit of Goodnow Mountain. We had just overcome a bit of doubt that we would ever find the firetower when we saw it....more

Rebecca's Gardens In and Out

First post and I am not really sure how this is going to work out, so here goes.I began gardening when I was just a child of 10, growing sweet potatoes in a corner of my Dad veggie garden. The stars came from the sweet potatoe I had grown suspended over a jar of water in my bedroom window. This grew into a monsterous vaine and I wanted to know if it would make new sweet potatoes. I asked my Dad and he says well, lets plant pieces of the vine and find out.  Then he when about telling me the various steps I needed to take....more