Study: Nearly Half of US Pre-Schoolers Don’t Play Outdoors

A recent study that worked with nearly 9,000 US children found that 49% of them don't go outside to play. This is true even after 93% of the moms said they considered their neighborhood safe. On the flip-side, 44% of moms and 24% of dads mentioned they take their children outside to walk at least once a day.Shocked with the 49% stats? So are we....more
 @JennaHatfield Thanks for the link, Jenna! And I grew up in our backyard so I know how great it ...more

Swing - Mostly for Adults

No. Not that kind of swinging. We’re talking about the most beautiful (and clever) porch swings ever designed. Actually, these are the first improvement in porch swings since they were first developed in Ancient Greece some 2400 years ago....more

Taking A Walk

Late this afternoon as the kids were winding up to be loud and rowdy, we decided to take them out of the house for a walk. Rather than walking down to the river, like we often would, we drove out to the hills. One hill in particular. It isn't the most outstanding feature around, but it is a nice, steep hill that folks like to drive up and down in their four-wheelers and ATVs. From the looks of the trails, a few even make it. ...more

We're Going on a Hunt!

Several months ago, on a rainy day, I tried doing a scavenger hunt inside with the kids. I drew pictures of where they had to look for clues and there was a small prize at the end. They had fun doing the hunt, but I decided to tweak the idea a bit to make it a little simpler the next time.With Dora the Explorer in mind, and the fact that my little preschooler LOVES maps, I drew out a “map” of what they were looking for:Read more...OneMommy...more

I'm Asian, and I'm Going Camping!

This Labor Day weekend, I’m heading to Yosemite National Park with my family for a weekend of camping, hiking and swimming. Every summer, we spend several days camped out in a national park – no Internet, TV, cell phones, or electricity....more
@Shannon LC Cate That's a good point about racism and homophobia en route to the ...more

Conquering Mt. a Day

Bob, my brother, and I made it to the top of Mt Whitney at 1:15 p.m. August 30, 2011.  We got up at 2:00 a.m. and were on the trail at 2:30 a.m.  We hiked for around 3 and 1/2 hours in the dark.  It was a bit surreal to be hiking with just the light of our headlamps showing the trail.  It was just a lot of uphill hiking without the benefit of wonderful views.  We did hear lots of water and had to cross several streams on logs and by rock hopping.  It was nice when the sun finally rose and we could put away the headlamps....more
Great trip report - I do alpine starts before dawn all of the time in winter in New Hmapshire to ...more

in the chill snow melt water

This blog entry is my submission for the Red Tuna Shirt Club and Outdoor Blogger Network Writing Contest. Colorado wilderness, June morning, trout streams and beaver ponds. Does it get better? Camping in the high country with the older girls and a nephew, we set out early....more

Into the Wild

Yosemite Deaths Shows Danger in Ignorance

The tragic deaths of three young hikers in Yosemite this week illustrate an unbelievably tired point: Humans? Not always so smart. Despite record snowfall resulting in torrential water flow, these folks were determined to have their photos taken at a picturesque point 25 feet from the edge of Vernall Falls....more

Yes, of course, it must be said. Death is unavoidable for all of us but must we invite it? Only ...more

The Kayaking Dog

There are many places I get nervous taking Toby, because I'm afraid he is going to act up, start barking or get nervous, but when it comes to kayaking, I don't even think twice....more