Playing in the beach with the winter sea of my hometown! Hi guys out there!Today on The Mora Smoothie to a new outfit worn for a day of carefree and very casual. ...more

My TUWE outfit during the BloggerDay!

Hi guys out there!In these days of celebration and waiting for the new year I'm gonna post you my last outfit of 2014, that one I wore during the Blogger Day by SkaShoes....more

My Ivana Helsinki cape!!

 Hi guys out there, how about to begin this new week with an outfit?...more

Never say... It's too late!! ...more

Life is... a shopping cart! Don't leave it empty!

Casual Weekend Wear

I love myself a nice casual weekend!  Here is an outfit from last weekend that I loved.  I love shopping at our local boutiques and supporting local shops! This sweater is from The GypsyBarn Boutique and the trucker hat is Bendite Clothing Company.  Make sure you check out their websites linked in our blog here (they can ship to you)!!...more

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Look Your Best on a First Date

  Image Source : Sergey Sus vis Flickr I’ve always been a relationship kind of girl... or at least I had been....more
It really is a shame some girls feel that way and I think our society and media mold women to ...more

Real Italian Mommy Street Style

Real Mommy Street StyleI know this lady very well,  in many ways she inspired the Real Mom Street Style section of my blog!  This is my neighbor and very good friend, who is gorgeous, has a great personal style and an extensive wardrobe!...more