TOP 3 Worst Media Messages on Body Image of 2011...and it's only May!

#3. Skechers Shape-ups marketed to young girls ...more

Why on EARTH does a "kid" on Glee need Botox? Aren't kids fresh-looking ...more

The Saga of Sarah- An Out of Control Teen(part 2)

Here I am again , wide awake at 4:00 in the morning. I need to write and get this incident out of my mind. It took place only 6 years ago, but seems like it was in a different lifetime.. Sarah had repeatedly come home drunk,( she never let me know where she was going when she took off, or when she would return), and started trouble with her sister by antagonizing her. Some times I could mediate and get Sarah to bed but other times they would out right physically fight. Every night was literal Hell, not knowing what to expect....more

The Saga of Sarah- An Out of Control Teen

I have written previously about my daughter Sarah and her troubled teenage years... Her father committed suicide by hanging himself when she was only 13 years old. She didn't actually see this but heard all of the details , as did I, and the mind is fantastic for coming up with images of it's own. She and her siblings were so traumatized by this event that they all had problems coping (as did I). Their dad and I had been seperated for years and they spent every weekend with him....more

$20 million for doing NOTHING!

I just read on that Alan Fishman, the ex CEO of Washington Mutual worked there for 17 days and got a $20 million hand out when WaMu failed. Okay - is this not enough evidence that we shouldn't be proceeding with this bail out plan. This is a perfect example of how taxpayers hard earned dollars are going to be spent - it is an outrage. I am furious just thinking about it. It has to be stopped. The inequality that it creates in the US economy is disfunctional and unspeakable - especially when some people can't afford to feed their families. ...more