How To Get Your Kids Go Outside And Play

Eco-Friendly Must-Haves For The Backyard. One of the advantages to being a parent is that you get to call the shots. Some parents take this too seriously by being dictators and I don't mean benevolent ones. My experience, however, has been that most parents take it too lightly and as a result, their children have too much power in the family. I remind friends and family all the time: your kids don't get a vote. They really don't....more
I've subsequently added up the cost of all these items and it comes to about $275.00 for ...more

Finding Resolution

Minus thirty not only feels cold, but it looks cold and the thought of going outside in it isn't very appealing.  So we didn't go out.  We stayed home and flopped on the sofa and baked a casserole for the morning and worked on downloading photos....and made a half-hearted attempt at New Year's Resolutions.  And then I went out for a walk....and everything changed....more
@edavis I love it! I want a pair of tap shoes! I hope you are tapping the day away!more

How to Hike the Appalachian Trail

Throwing caution to the wind and hiking a trail that is 2,179 miles long is not something you do lightly. The Appalachian Trail was conceived of by Benton MacKaye in 1921, finally completed in 1937 and is now the narrowest national park in the United States. ...more
I want to do this so bad!  My husband and I have decided that when our kids are older we will ...more

Adventures in Backpacking | Take a Hike!

Now that you've go your gear, it's time to find somewhere to head out to for your first backpacking adventure. Before you leave be sure to leave an intinerary with friends or relatives so they know when to expect you to return from the backcountry. ...more

Princess Proofing (Part Two) :: Get Outside and Get Muddy!

Welcome to Princess Proofing 101 ~ there is no prerequisite for this course, and it is open to all parents of girls and boys.  If your day included being dubbed either the Handsome Prince, the Wicked Stepmother or the sidekick animal by young Royalty... this is the course for you.  If *you* chose to be handsome, wicked or creaturish by your own choice, carry on. Because it is all about the choice. ...more

Amen to that!

Lori @ Beneath the ...more

It's Friday

... and this is a duck. ...more

Getting Dirty and Running Wild

On Tuesday I wrote about finding balance with my kids' extracurricular activities.  If that isn't difficult enough,  there is one more important activity I find even harder to fit in.  This activity may be the most important thing life has to offer.  It's called playing, especially outside. ...more

A trip to the nursery...

Today I took a trip to the plant nursery, to buy a lemon tree, of all things. This little nursery tripped turned into a photo session :PBut why not, nature is amazing :)...more

A Modern Urban Sunday Afternoon


Therapy for your Soul - Meditation Outdoors

Does it really matter where you meditate? I believe that meditating outdoors can offer a new alternative and change to your life. The therapeutic benefits are hidden and waiting to be explored. ...more