A Midlife Scare!

Midlife isn't all fun and games! This lesson has been brought home to me over the past couple of years, and I received another reminder just this week....more

Educate Yourself on Symptoms for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

When I first started writing this post, I had the idea to call it the magical powers of the ovaries and their influence on puberty, periods and menopause.  While my original intent was to focus on the wonders of the ovaries, because knowledge can save lives, I have switched gears so that the main focus of this post will be about ovarian cancer. ...more
The scary thing as I read these symptoms is...who hasn't had these symptoms...I'm reminded of ...more

12 signs of the silent killer(infographic)

Embedded from Health For Her...more

Health Salad: a Roundup of Health News

In the past two days, I've bookmarked a lot of interesting health-related articles.  They run the gamut from the brain to weight to cancer... in other words, a holistic health salad looking at all parts of the human body. ...more
I could only hear the first one, so I'm not dead anyway!more

Ovarian Cancer: Teenage Breakthrough?

This 15 year old created a test to detect ovarian, pancreatic, and lung cancer. It costs THREE CENTS. Why is this on TedWeekends, and not all over the news? http://nopithyphrase.blogspot.com/2013/03/cancer-is-more-important-than-duckface.html If his test is accurate and true, this could be a breakthrough for two of the deadliest cancers out there: pancreatic and ovarian....more

Walk for a Cure

  This is my daughter, Danielle. ...more

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Last night I gave viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the innovations taking place at the Breast Health Center at El Camino Hospital. The facility is using state of the art Digital Mammography and MRI to detect breast cancers early, often before they can be felt.  Early detection is the key to successful treatments and a long life....more


Every year, there are more and more stories about young women, many not yet mothers, who are pursuing genetic testing and joining a growing Club of Previvors.  As I read their stories, I am deeply struck by just how different the world now is for women wishing to explore their genetic cancer risk and to act on behalf of their health.  When I and my family underwent testing, it was as part of a pilot study.  There was not yet insurance coverage for the testing.  My family members were among some of the first to undergo genetic tests for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, so no one re...more

God Bless Gilda Radner and My Mom

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  I really wonder if ovarian cancer would ever have made it on the cause-of-the-month hit parade, if it weren’t for Gilda Radner.  Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease in 1989.  Back then it seemed ludicrous that the “silent killer” could take the life of such an ebullient woman.  While her somewhat nasal, sharp voice was...more
@FarewellStranger Hooray for you and your mom and your family. I really think that my mother ...more

Hospital of University of Penn 3 Day Conference on Breast/Ovarian Cancer

I am reaching out to a few friends and colleagues on a fundraising effort to help FORCE, a national nonprofit focused on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (support, outreach, testing, research, legislation, etc.) that has become extremely important to my family. FORCE has over 70 outreach groups nationwide, including a very active organization here in Philadelphia. See www.facingourrisk.org/philadelphia for more info. ...more