God Bless Gilda Radner and My Mom

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  I really wonder if ovarian cancer would ever have made it on the cause-of-the-month hit parade, if it weren’t for Gilda Radner.  Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease in 1989.  Back then it seemed ludicrous that the “silent killer” could take the life of such an ebullient woman.  While her somewhat nasal, sharp voice was...more
@FarewellStranger Hooray for you and your mom and your family. I really think that my mother ...more

Hospital of University of Penn 3 Day Conference on Breast/Ovarian Cancer

I am reaching out to a few friends and colleagues on a fundraising effort to help FORCE, a national nonprofit focused on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (support, outreach, testing, research, legislation, etc.) that has become extremely important to my family. FORCE has over 70 outreach groups nationwide, including a very active organization here in Philadelphia. See www.facingourrisk.org/philadelphia for more info. ...more

Ovarian Cancer Survival Higher Among BRCA Carriers

Let me start by saying that while I’m a supporter of efforts to raise awareness and cure the cancers that kill women, my first choice is prevention.  So, when I learned that I was indeed a BRCA2 carrier, I didn’t pause long before choosing to undergo both prophylactic mastectomies AND a prophylactic oopherectomy (meaning I had both healthy breasts and healthy ovaries removed).  Drastic you say?...more

Ovarian Cancer Does Not Start in the Ovaries

Everybody dreads a cancer diagnosis, but an ovarian cancer diagnosis can be particularly devastating because it’s often found too late with little hope for recovery. This isn’t to say all ovarian cancer is deadly, but due to limited testing abilities, the cancer has often progressed significantly before a woman knows she has it. Of the approximately 200,000 diagnoses every year worldwide, approximately 130,000 women will die from this kind of cancer. Cancer researchers have long believed that ovarian cancer starts elsewhere....more

It's Time To Shout...

Ovarian Cancer is called the "cancer that whispers" because it is difficult to detect. In fact, many women diagnosed today, will die within the next ten years and their stories will be gone with them. We can change that. Time To Shout is a project about creating a collective voice that lives on. One voice to advocate on behal of everyone whose story needs to be told. Ovarian Cancer may whisper, but we don't have to....more

You Can Have My Ovaries: I'll Take My Life

How important are my -- or your -- ovaries? Recent research reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association last week indicates that women with a BRCA gene mutation who have their ovaries removed have a significantly decreased risk of contracting and dying from ovarian and breast cancers. These woman are also reported to live longer overall than women who opt not to have the surgery. The same findings hold true for women with this gene mutation who elect to have mastectomies. ...more

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The Three Words You Never Want To Hear Your Doctor Say: "I Found Something."

Perhaps, if I had gone to the doctor with symptoms, I wouldn't have been so astonished when, after my pelvic exam, she said, "I found something." She gave me a moment to register what she said; then, she continued, " It could be nothing - maybe I felt some intestines. It could be a cyst, but she added, "at your age, (I'm 59) that is unlikely, and before she could say the third option, I said it for her, " Or, it's cancer." She nodded. ...more

Hi Elana - great name :)

i am so happy that your test results came back negative. i love to ...more

four days to go

I am sure  a lot of people reading this blog must be thinking "oh for Gods sake, she's not on about THAT again?" and they'd be right. it's boring for people who don't have to have check ups like this – it's nothing for people who are 'normal'. Good. I am pleased about that. And now I am going to bed. exhausted...more

Gynecologic Cancers: Knowing the warning signs can save lives.

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. But why do we need to have more awareness of gynecologic cancers? Well, there are many reasons, here are three. 1. We need to be reminded of the early warning signs of these types of cancers. Not just for ourselves, but for all the women in our lives. You could someday be the one who tells a friend she needs to see a doctor for a particular symptom she is having. You could be the one who contributes to saving her life because she caught her cancer early. ...more

Tribute to the Greatest BFF of All - Kathy V (victim of early onset ovarian cancer)

Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all. -Emily Dickenson This time of year is inordinately sad for me. You might ask, why? Within the span of less than 5 years, I lost within 6 mos, my mother, my best friend forever, Kathy V, and my beloved grandfather and father in law. Kathy, grandpa and pateras (father in Greek) died within days of each other. ...more