One Ovary Down.

I have one ovary. There, I said it. Many of you, actually all of you, are wondering why the hell would any woman share such an intimate detail about her life?  After careful thought I decided my story is maddening, funny, sad, cruel, frustrating and a lot of other emotions and needed to be shared....more

Angelina Jolie's Moving Essay About Removing Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes

I didn't think I would cry reading Angelina Jolie's essay in the New York Times about the surgery she recently had to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. But the tears started coming mid-essay. ...more
I'm not a big movie watcher or a fan of her movies but you know what? Anything she does for ...more

Educate Yourself on Symptoms for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

When I first started writing this post, I had the idea to call it the magical powers of the ovaries and their influence on puberty, periods and menopause.  While my original intent was to focus on the wonders of the ovaries, because knowledge can save lives, I have switched gears so that the main focus of this post will be about ovarian cancer. ...more
The scary thing as I read these symptoms is...who hasn't had these symptoms...I'm reminded of ...more

Dear Angry Ovaries

Dear Angry Ovaries,Hello my old friends.  I write to you today to try to strike up a truce.  We can’t go on living this way any more.You have done your job very well.  You delivered your cargo on a timely basis and aided in the creation of two beautiful girls.  You walked me into the glorious land of “becoming a woman” and provided many hormone surges along the way.  Well done, little endocrine glands!But somehow, the train has gone off the track.  Way off the track, into “Holy mother of pearl, make it stop” land....more
Love this. I don't know a woman past their 20s who couldn't appreciate this letter of both ...more

Eggs, Ovaries and Finding the Sunny Side

Quick - point to your ovaries. Lower. No, lower. I promise. If you're going pointing where you think they are based on the pretty pictures you see in medical books, you're wrong. How do i know? I just spent an afternoon with a magic wand (not the fun kind, this one had a flashlight at the tip and was an ultrasound machine) in my twat looking at cysts. It was fun. ...more