Educate Yourself on Symptoms for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

When I first started writing this post, I had the idea to call it the magical powers of the ovaries and their influence on puberty, periods and menopause.  While my original intent was to focus on the wonders of the ovaries, because knowledge can save lives, I have switched gears so that the main focus of this post will be about ovarian cancer. ...more
The scary thing as I read these symptoms is...who hasn't had these symptoms...I'm reminded of ...more

“The Menstrual Cycle Is a Vital Sign”

I was reminded of a great online resource for women and girls, about menstrual health, called Rachel’s Well.  The organization, a nonprofit 501 C3, was developed around the core knowledge that “menstruation is a unique indicator of a woman’s overall emotional and physical health”.  Its mission is to improve women’s health care by focusing its efforts in the area of menstrual health and ovarian insufficiency.  The Rachel’s Well board includes a multi-disciplined group of physicians, clinicians and researchers who receives funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for...more
Thanks for the encouragement. So glad to to know that the information I am providing is ...more

My Ovaries Hate Me

I hope I'm not the only woman who has ever said that my gynecologist cracks me up.I had a partial hysterectomy last December, and everything was fun and games for a few months, until about six weeks ago when I started having abdominal pain.  This type of pain is hard to diagnose, so I didn't bother with it for a while, until it was Time To Deal With It.  There was no ignoring the hunched-over, sweaty, nauseated, moaning, pathetic pain heap that I had become in the middle of one recent night....more