The Loss of the Yearly Pap Smear

by Dr. Elizabeth Poynor...more

My Mammogram Story

by Shelley Singer...more

The Folly of Limited Screening for Breast Cancer

by the Medical Advisory Board of Women's Voices For Change...more

Your 30's are cool, but I can't wait for 40!

  Me and my bro, Ed, on his wedding day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED! ...more

If she's crazy, will I be, too?

In my years of dating since I got divorced, most of the men I've met have described their former girlfriends/wives as being psychos, lunatics, nuts, crazies, wackos, weirdos, kooks and screwballs. This always worries me, especially since I'm quite a few men's former lover and girlfriend and one man's former wife. Were they now all saying the same thing about me to some babe who's thinking she's somehow saner than I am? I know I have a few personality quirks, but I've always thought they could be considered rather endearing. ...more

What about the following perspective?

If the husband is not all the things you mention ...more

Message to My Baby

Only a few years ago you seemed lost to me for good. You were an impossible dream which I carefully hid as my secret desire. Years were flashing by and I was not brave enough to claim you on my own. You were moving further away from me and I could do nothing but watch. Then something wonderful happened; I met you father. Suddenly you were in reach. ...more

Understanding carbs for optimum energy and fat loss

In my post titled, Do carbs make you gain weight? we established that carbs are not inherently good or bad; it's how you use them that defines their value. Like any person you may encounter, carbs can be nasty or quite lovable. Carbs can make or break your mission to achieve your ideal body. You just need to understand them and learn to use them to your advantage. So let's talk, sugar. ...more

Do carbs make you fat?

You are bombarded with mixed messages about carbs, and if you're like most people, you're a little confused. Are carbs good, or bad? Flash quiz: Answer true or false to each of the following statements. Carbs make you fat. You need carbs to get strong and sexy. Carbs make you smarter. Continue reading “Do Carbs Make you Fat?” ...more