Working at Home over 40 – Fast Track to Middle-Aged Wasteland?

Working from home, on your home, or partial telecommuting?...more

Experts we LOVE and Resources we NEED!

Here's a LOVING dose of reality: most women over 40 don't spend enough time, effort and LOVE on themselves. Without a personally-fulfilling endeavor that meets your own emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs beyond that of a romantic LOVE relationship, you're in danger of gasping for DARE. Whether you have small stressors or bigger issues, here are a few suggestions to help you get your DARE-Supply. At the end is a list of resources....more

Tips to Rally Your Skills Over 40!

Before you can convince anyone else to rally for you, you need to rally yourself. Rev up your brainpower, learn new skills, improve your competence, increase your confidence, and strengthen your conviction that you are one DARE-ING kick-ass woman over 40!...more

Exchange Your Experience and Expertise, Over 40!

I had a wonderful generational “Exchange” yesterday with a young female colleague who was helping me prepare for a Skype meeting with a high-energy executive not known for his patience with technology glitches.  I assured her that I would not feel as if she were doing a “Skype for Dumm...more