The Green Eyed Monster

I felt bad for cutting her off mid-sentence like that. But if I hadn't, she'd have just kept going on and on about how unfair this was, and how unfair that was. I can accept such a level of thinking from a child, but when you're an adult who cries why me every other second, my automatic 'in one ear and out the other' security feature kicks in....more

Little Darlings: The Perfection of Imperfect Women

I can remember getting a wedding doll on two separate occasions at Christmas time when I was a child. They were perfect and beautiful. But unlike other girls, I didn't dream about the big, lavish wedding one day where I would wear a white wedding gown with all the frills. I would look at the dolls and absorb their vinyl perfection, women in miniature. To me, they were objects of art....more