Prelude to a Journey - My Story

Prelude to a Journey - My Story...more

Life Lesson 128: Intro: How do you Define Depression?

               Recently, I’ve spent several long and sleepless nights deep in thought, trying to understand and in some way define depression.  In the midst of my sleep deprived search, I made many discoveries; not only concerning depression, but also about myself.  I’m neither a doctor or a psychologist, nor do I have any expertise in this area.  What I do have is many years of field experience (and some hand to hand combat training ;-).  I’ve experienced life and death, (not death pe...more
@Patti Dee I'm so glad you found my blog and were willing to share your experience. It sounds ...more

Tired of the Same-Old Story? Seeing Yourself as a Character in a Novel Can Help

Imagine walking into a neighborhood bookstore and discovering a novel with a familiar picture on the cover. Flipping through the pages, you are struck by the eerie sense that you’ve read this before. As you begin to recognize characters and scenes, wincing at some and smiling at others, you realize this is the story of your life.Would you feel love and compassion for the main character? According to the latest psychological research, you are likely to view your life more favorably at a distance than up close....more

The story is much larger than our own, and we are all in the gift of older stories that we are ...more

Healing Heartache, Part 2: Listen

This is the 2nd part is a series about Healing Heartache.Ever met anyone who succeeded in convincing him/herself heartache was no big deal? Ever believed him/her? Ever believe yourself? It is a big deal, beyond a big deal. And it doesn't go away. And it doesn't just take care of itself. And time doesn't heal it. Heartache, if left unhealed, can be like a slow emotional suicide. And I for one am very done 'dying.'...more